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sharoonthomascedk: ping15:43
cedksharoonthomas: pong15:46
sharoonthomascedk: can you assign a module for me to migrate pls ?15:46
cedksharoonthomas: you can do calendar_todo15:47
sharoonthomascedk: thanks15:47
yacWhat is a VAT number?15:49
yacoh, right15:50
yactryton feels kind of difficult to use16:10
yacdoes the online demo contain sale module?16:52
nicoeyac: I think it does16:56
yaci dont see how to an invoice16:57
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yacThe demo is kind of slow, i can safely assume the bottleneck is network io bound, right17:11
bechamelyac: the demo server is also a bit weak17:15
bechamelyac: and btw I see that on the demo, the account_invoice module is not installed, this is why you don't see it17:20
cedkyac: the sale module is not installed on demo, but you can install it :-)17:21
yacoh, i see17:21
cedkyac: for the speed, it depends hightly of your latency17:21
cedkyac: also be careful that IPv6 is activated on demo server so if you use a tunnel for ipv6 it can slow it also17:22
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coepsHello, i think I understand what on_change and o_c_with mean and basically how it works, but... I do not understand why I need both. Is it the same to define o_c_w(a,b,c) or o_c_a, and o_c_b and o_c_c?21:11
cedkcoeps: on_change_with is only to update 1 field22:50
coepscedk: thank you. one more question (for today :)), I do not really get what field.context is. The doc is not very exhausting on that topic. Is that something like a message I can pass to the relation field. Can you maybe point me to some simple example?22:58
cedkcoeps: it is only for default value23:03
coepscedk: I will have a look at some code tomorrow with that hint in mind. thank you23:09

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