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grek324how can I set a field to a limited amount of characters in tryton ?13:39
grek324I want so set field product_code to max_char if 80 because of better eBay compatibility13:42
cedkgrek324: Char.size15:12
grek324thx, but now I have a big other problem, after making purchases with many product with different default location the moves vanished after confirm supplier shipment15:27
grek324not only this, there art 4 different warehouses at the products default location, now it created every move 4 times15:31
grek324ans say stade draft, but in draft there is nothing!15:31
grek324It created 4 different supplier shipments wit no product inside - also after complete this 4 empty supplier shipments the shipment statis in the sale in waiting, but there are no open supplier shipment15:45
grek324*state in the sale is still waiting15:46
grek324ok, now I see whats the problem, this supplier shipment deleted the hole main warehouse15:48
grek324"this supplier shipment deleted the hole main warehouse" this was mistake, I only changed to Englisch language because of bug reporting and only this one (the warehouse from the sale) had other translation si I dont find it.17:54
grek324for other problem I was making report:
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