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grek324I am searching for option to make product variants16:05
grek324I want to sell one product with 3 different names and 3 different descriptions, but stock only 1 time !16:06
grek324If you have interest writing module please write me16:07
grek324basic module exists16:09
udonogrek324: I do not understand the problem. How can you send one and only one product with 3 different names? Is it like "alias names" for a product?17:15
grek324udono: yes, I want to have 3 products17:17
grek324udono: but only 1 stock for all, because if I export only copies of product I have to give own stock for every17:18
grek324like virtual products and set parent for stock17:20
grek324udono: but I don't know how I can realise this...17:25
udonogrek324: AFAIK a product is always different from another product in tryton. I can not see a way to have three different products, which are counted in stock as one.17:28
grek324grek324: I think I have a solution, a new tab for variants with field for name and description and export script will look for this.17:35
grek324udono: I will try this, thx17:38
udonogrek324: Yes, I would try something with one product and some alias names.17:44
grek324I have a warehouse where I cant make any Inventories, If I make new Inventory and press "Complete Inventory" I only get this error message "The value of the field "Product" on "Stock Inventory Line" is not valid according to its domain."18:22
grek324I also can not add new product. I can add line but if I enter some text only the search filter window opens but and no product is found18:25
grek324*I see now thats for all location, that is a very big problem for me18:26
grek324someone know what I can do?18:27
plantiangrek324: Are the products you entered not stockable ?20:18
grek324plantian: yes, but not all, things like shipping cost not. But on 2.0 all worked fine20:48
cedkgrek324: variants are different products which have their own stock quantities21:48
cedkgrek324: for me, you just want to customize the name of the product depending on "I don't know"21:48
grek324cedk: I export product for webshop & ebay, some products are for different uses, so I will offer them to customers under different names, I think I will make this with separate field in product and the script will look for this21:53

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