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pietervdrHi, tried to install trytond_account_nl-2.2.2 but I get an ImportError: No module named version, when I initialize the dbase. Any Ideas?09:24
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rhubnerHi nicoe17:08
nicoerhubner: hello17:10
rhubnernicoe: hi... I tried to catch the dates but I got no success yet...17:12
nicoerhubner: You should send a codereview asap with your changes so that we can rate your midterm stuff17:12
nicoerhubner: explain what youy did17:12
rhubnernicoe: I made a sql with the same cursor defined in But it gives error! Can you give me an idea how to get the dates and send them to client?17:15
nicoerhubner: show us what you did17:15
rhubnernicoe: I did some tests like this:
nicoeWhat does the SQL give as error ?17:20
rhubnernicoe: I'd like to get at least the dates before putting in codereview17:20
rhubnernicoe: this >
nicoerhubner: I know, but what is the error ?17:22
rhubnernicoe: syntax error at or near "''"17:26
rhubnerLINE 1: SELECT write_date FROM ''__history WHERE      (id...17:26
rhubnernicoe: But I also think that it is not the right file. I do not understand how the works..17:28
udonorhubner: hi, it must be party_party__history17:28
nicoeIf you do not show us anything it will be difficult to comment please make a codereview17:28
nicoeanyway, as udono said it is not '' but party_party17:29
nicoeIn the code you show you're using self._name and not self._table_name17:30
nicoeoups not self._table_name but self.table_name17:30
rhubnernicoe udono: i understood now.. tks17:33
rhubnernicoe: what correct file to make this?17:33
rhubnernicoe: And how can I do to access it later?17:34
nicoerhubner: the correct file is probably modelsql (but according to me _history could have been defined in modelstorage)17:37
nicoethis method should be callable just like fileds_view_get is17:37
rhubnernicoe: could I then make the call inside the method fields_view_get and define the method callable in
nicoerhubner: no17:42
nicoethe fields_view_get method get information about the view for one model17:42
nicoethe data you will return is linked to specific instance of this model17:43
rhubnernicoe: But how should I call this method that i will define? This is confusing to me...17:48
nicoeIn the client when you call 'display' on your widget you should call the method to get the information17:50
rhubnernicoe: Haaa ok.. I did not think could make this call directly!17:52
nicoerhubner: this is a rpc call17:52
nicoerhubner: look after other rpc calls (there are example all around the client)17:53
nicoerhubner: do not forget to make your method rpc-callable also17:53
rhubnernicoe: Ok! I'll try to finish this part today and then I'll post the codereview17:54
rhubnernicoe: How is a method callable rpc? If it seems like which methods and which files?17:56
nicoerhubner: please post the codereview asap as we are in the evaluation week17:58
nicoerhubner: look in how fields_view_get has been made callable17:59
nicoerhubner: it is in __init__.py17:59
nicoerhubner: not but the __init__ method18:00
rhubnernicoe: ok.. Can i do codereview tonight?18:02
nicoerhubner: of course18:03
rhubnernicoe: where I add the method on the server? Or should I create a new class or new file?18:10
nicoerhubner: I don't understand your question18:14
nicoerhubner: you should have two codereviews : one for the client, one for the server18:14
rhubnernicoe: no no.. i am talking about the code... where I put the method to extract the dates? In which file? It will be a new method or a new class?18:17
nicoerhubner: I think the right place is modelsql.py18:19
nicoerhubner: It will obviously be a method18:19
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rhubnerudono: hi23:42
rhubnerudono: An error is showing when i did a RPCExecute: Calling method get_history_tables on model party.address is not allowed!23:43
rhubnerudono: Do you know what is this?23:44
rhubnerudono: i am just calling: result = RPCExecute('model', record.model_name, 'get_history_tables')23:48

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