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pietervdrHi, after install some new modules the database has to be re-initialised, but how?10:04
cedkpietervdr: trytond -d <db name> -i <module name>10:07
pietervdrForget my last question trytons --help gave the answer10:07
pietervdrcedk: C├ędric, why not include the account_nl module in the package?10:08
cedkpietervdr: because we don't have one10:15
pietervdrthere is an account_nl-2.2.2 available, but I can't get it installed10:20
cedkpietervdr: the author did not want to include it10:22
pietervdrI see, thanks.10:23
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scrapperhello guys, in account.invoice there is a field "Reference". What I would like to achieve is to create a list of all Reference fields to know what is the next reference number I should take. Any hints on how to do that best practise?12:14
scrapperright now unfortunatelly there is no view which shows all "referenc"-fields.12:15
cedkscrapper: what do you mean by "all Reference fields" ?12:35
scrappercedk: well by example my references are K1, K2, K3, K4, etc... the only problem is there is no VIEW in tryton framework to show me the list of references.12:36
scrapperSo I do not know is K21 already used... what is next number etc...12:37
scrapperwould be great to get that kind of information fast from the system. right now I have to watch my office papers and this is confusing.12:37
cedkscrapper: but reference on invoice is just a free text field12:40
scrappercedk: in Financial->Invoices->All Invoices by example there is a column "Reference". This is good. But this is only a part of the "Reference" fields in the whole system. It would be great to have a column with ALL "Reference" fields.12:41
scrappercedk: yes you are right. Its just a free text field.12:42
cedkscrapper: don't understand12:42
scrappercedk: I really need to know what is the next "Reference".12:42
scrappercedk: to avoid double entries.12:43
scrappercedk: and to avoid K19, K20, K22 (missing 21) etc...12:43
cedkscrapper: but what is this reference?12:43
scrappercedk: the "Reference" is the free text field in invoices.12:44
cedkscrapper: but what is this reference?12:44
scrappercedk: this number I print on my paper invoices as additional information...12:45
scrappercedk: not print... I write...12:45
cedkscrapper: so if it is linked to nothing, the system can not know about it12:45
scrappercedk: Its OK if this number is not unique... most of the time it should be... but its OK to decide manually what goes into this text field.12:46
scrapperYes but I am sure there exists a column in the postgreSQL database which is called "Reference".12:46
scrappercedk: would be great to look that column with its values inside of tryton without using pgAdmin3 :-)12:46
cedkscrapper: it is in invoice view12:47
scrappercedk: I have not inspected the postgreSQL database with pgAdmin3 yet, was just thinking, this could work.12:47
scrappercedk: ok thank you, i can look for invoice view.12:47
scrappercedk: ok- now I think I know what you mean with invoice view. ... yes you are right, there is a column called "Reference" the only problem is... when using Financial->Entries->Open Journal and doing manual double booking there is this field "Reference" too. Good. But its not possible to show this fields "Reference" in one list both columns Reference from Invoices and Entries together.12:51
scrappercedk: sorry for confusing you.12:51
cedkscrapper: it is different fields12:52
scrappercedk: yes - now you helped me a lot.12:52
scrappercedk: seems that this are 2 columns with the same name "Reference" but different fields.12:52
scrappercedk: I am going to inspect the db now with pgAdmin3 to understand better. Thank you cedk.12:53
cedkscrapper: but those reference fields are more to link with external stuffs12:53
scrappercedk: yes I know... this is my first year doing financial things, and now I have kind of two numbers referencing one external paper (invoice etc...) I know this is not the optimum.12:54
scrappercedk: the unique one and my manual handwritten one. don't worry. you already helped me a lot! thank you!12:55
scrapperirclog: to make it clear, I thought "Reference" from 'Invoices' and "Reference" from 'Entries' are the same column in the DB. But it seems that this are two different columns. I have no access to my DB via pgAdmin3 from my actual location. But will check that the next days.13:03
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lukiohello, i'm having a problem. i'm creating a wizard. It should have two StateView, at the second StateView, exist a many2one field that the domain depends on the data entry of the first StateView.  I don't understand how to set the domain of the many2one field.17:25
lukiomy paste bin u can look it at ->  thanks in advance!17:25
cedklukio: you can not17:26
nicoelukio: you should add another field and make a domain using Eval on this field17:26
cedklukio: domain could only use value of fields in the current view17:26
lukiocedk: nicoe thanks! i will try it.17:35
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