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hitman3r44_hello i need some help in installing gnuhelath07:34
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smarroHello... one question... why i can edit and modify currencies and can't edit countries ("This record is part of the base configuration"). Both models are loaded from xml files... so why the first one is editable?20:47
cedksmarro: because it comes from XML generated from pycountry21:09
smarrocedk: ok, but why the currencies records are editable? is there some parameter in xml file, that makes the records editable?21:11
cedksmarro: there is a method xml_check I think21:11
cedksmarro: check_xml_record21:13
smarrocedk: yes in modelstorage.py21:13
smarrocedk: at the beggining it says: "# Allow root user to update/delete"21:14
smarrocedk: when i edit currencies the Transaction().user is always o (root)21:15
cedksmarro: it is probably override in modules21:15
smarrocedk: ahhh, ok21:15
smarrocedk: i see the override... thanks!21:17
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