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scrapperhello folks, so there is no way to apply automatic "Tax Lines" via "Open Journal" - always we have to apply them manually? Is this a design issue?
cedkscrapper: you can by adding taxes on the account10:25
scrappercedk: does not work for me... already tried. have to add them manually.10:26
scrappercedk: this must have to do something with my account (SKR07) and codes.10:27
scrappercedk: good to know it works for you... so i have to adjust/fix this one day for SKR07 (austrian account chart.)10:27
cedkscrapper: I made one move like this on the demo server on expense journal10:39
scrappergreat... so my account SKR07 seems to be broken similar as the german SKR03 account.10:44
scrappercedk: great... so my account SKR07 seems to be broken similar as the german SKR03 account for taxes when trying to add them automatically via "Open Journal".10:45
scrapperright now i will do the taxes manually ... and fix this in the future.10:45
cedkscrapper: I don't think it is linked to the account chart module10:58
cedkscrapper: taxes applied by default on an account depends of the company10:58
cedkscrapper: you must add it yourself10:58
scrappercedk: as soon as i know what is the reason for that issue i will post it to the group.11:00
cedkscrapper: I don't understand11:03
scrappercedk: right now, i have taxes. they work fine. The problem in my understanding is that... there is not Tax code on taxes itself... so the System does not know how to handle them via "Open Journal". When applying taxes via "Invoice" module by example ... i will tell the system the tax code... so it knows what to do. But adding "Tax Code" is not possible via "Open Journal".11:03
cedkscrapper: It is possible11:03
scrappercedk: yes in "Tax Codes" the Taxes point to Codes.11:12
scrappercedk: But if i tell my system a specific "Tax"-Name (this is possible on moves by example...) i have to fill in the proper "Tax Code" manually. it does not know about the relationship between them.11:13
scrappercedk: I am running Version 2.2.011:14
cedkscrapper: I don't understand11:14
scrappercedk: don't worry. I will inform you as soon as I know how all goes together. Right now.. thanks for your help!11:14
scrappercedk: good it works manually!11:15
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juanfeHello, all. How can I activate the filter in a tree in such a way when I fill the text it look for any of the fields? like in Currencies, I'm trying to make a module for 2.4!19:02
cedkjuanfe: override the search_rec_mane method19:03
juanfethx cedk19:14
cjbarnes18cedk: ping22:53
cedkcjbarnes18: pong22:56
cjbarnes18hi cedk, how best to fix my patch files? is it safe to change the .pach file text directly?22:57
cjbarnes18.patch **22:57
cedkcjbarnes18: make a hg rollback and redo it22:58
cjbarnes18ok, thanks22:58
albertcacedk: is there a way to copy an object with the new ActiveRecord?23:26
cedkalbertca: there is still the copy method23:27
albertcacedk: I mean an instance (not in the database)23:28
albertcacedk: I'm trying to replace explode_bom() and on_change_product() in production module23:28
albertcacedk: I think I'll have to pass bom and uom as parameters to explode_bom() unless I can copy an object and execute explode_bom() in it23:29
cedkalbertca: don't understand23:32
albertcaexplode_bom() currently receives a values dict23:32
cedkalbertca: it must become an instance method23:32
albertcacedk: but on_change() no longer has a dict to pass23:32
albertcacedk: but on_change() currently changes the "values" to pass to explode_bom()23:33
cedkalbertca: on_change are also instance method23:33
albertcacedk: so I have to change "self"23:33
cedkalbertca: yes23:33
albertcacedk: but I don't think it's ok to change self in cas of inheritance of another module...23:34
albertcacedk: I think I should newobj=copy(self) and then newobj.explode_bom()23:34
cedkalbertca: it is fine to change23:34
albertcacedk: why?23:34
albertcacedk: what if another module overrides on_change_product() and calls super()?23:35
albertcacedk: it will get the incorrect object, won't it?23:35
albertcacedk: object => parameters received from the client23:35
albertcacedk: the same way current code does values = values.copy()23:36
cedkalbertca: don't care because it will be the value the record will have23:36
albertcacedk: ok, will do that, then23:38
albertcacedk: thanks23:38

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