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scrapperIs anyone of you running multiple currencies on sales and invoices?16:48
scrapperIs there a good reason why the currency field is "readonly" and therefore bound to company-currency on sales and invoices?16:50
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cedkscrapper: only when there are lines16:59
scrappercedk: lines in the invoice you mean?  product1, product2 , service1, service2,...17:01
cedkscrapper: yes17:03
cedkscrapper: make a new empty one, you will see17:03
scrappercedk: yes - i know it works for empty one. ok maybe i have missed an important step.17:04
cedkscrapper: as unit price of lines depends of the currency, once you have lines you can not change the currency17:05
scrappercedk: sorry Ced, you are right, sales is also writable at first, only after adding lines you can not change afterwards. this makes great sense!17:05
scrappercedk: you guys are so smart! thanks ced!17:06
smarrocedk: ping17:29
cedksmarro: pong17:30
smarrocedk: is there a way to configure a multi-company consolidation account?17:30
cedksmarro: I don't know17:31
smarrocedk: an account where i can acumulate other account from childs companies...17:31
smarrocedk: what i wanted to say is if can i define an account chart that group a set of accounts of different companies?17:36
cedksmarro: I never did it17:43
smarrocedk: ok, i will do some tests... Thanks17:44
cedksmarro: but keep in mind:
smarrocedk: ok, thanks17:50
juanfeHello, I follow the instruction in the wiki about the test, but I have the following problem: ImportError: No module named trytond.test_loader, and I didn't find this module neather!21:32
piloujuanfe: For test_loader see trytond/trytond/ You could use "python trytond/tests/".22:32
juanfethx pilou22:43

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