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nicoermu: hi11:07
rmui sort-of ported product_variant (or some variant of it ;-) to active record. needs a little cleaning, but it could put it somewhere if anybody is interested11:08
rmuok here it is
rmuas there was neither COPYRIGHT nor LICENSE file, I added both too11:53
shomonhi :)15:32
shomonif I want to edit the fields I get within the product module, is there a tutorial? I imagine I go to the view and add a new label and field, but how to reflect that in the db...15:32
shomonor within any module15:32
nicoeshomon: you must first add the field to the model describing your object and then add this field in the xml describing the view15:36
shomonnicoe - you mean in the model section. Ok. so that's all I need to do to get the number to show up and be recorded in the db?15:40
shomonhmm.. thanks rmu !15:57
shomonwhat is the difference then between doing what just described by nicoe and just writing a whole new module?15:58
rmushomon: you should not mess with the shipped modules, put your customizations into your own module15:59
nicoermu: +115:59
rmuthe wiki page has details how to do this, and how to add a field to a model15:59
shomonaah thanks :)16:02
shomonis it best maybe to copy the existing one and make my change in my own?16:02
shomonanyway I'll hit the wiki, thanks16:02
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