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_droidhi people, i have been reading your wiki and in your tutorial, , you start with a "module" in step 1. In step 2 you have the title "Extending our model and adding views". My question is a matter of terminology, is the model a module at the same time or?09:46
_droidI mean in the SW-Development when someone says "model" it means the part where the data is stored and "Views" is the part where you develop the user interface.09:47
bechamel_droid: most of the time, a model is directly mapped to a table in the database09:49
bechameland instances of this model, the records, are mapped to lines of the database09:50
_droidbechamel: true, it interfaces with the DB09:50
bechamela module is like a pakage that group together some related models09:50
bechamel_droid: then whe define views, that just tell how to display the fields of a given model09:51
_droidbechamel: so the file "" can be considered as a model?09:52
bechamel_droid: no the folder containing the is a module, and defines the meta-data of the module09:53
bechamel_droid: models are python classes that inherit from the Model class09:53
bechamelactually they inherit from the ModelSQL class that is itself a descendant of Model09:54
_droidbechamel: like "" ?09:55
bechamel_droid: like the Hello class09:55
_droidbechamel: and the hello.xml is... a view?09:56
bechamel_droid: hello.xml contains views09:57
bechamel_droid: the block that starts with <record model="ir.ui.view" id="hello_view_tree">09:58
bechamel.. is a view09:58
_droidbechamel: so the xml-file does what? Embraces all the views?10:00
bechameland btw this defines a record of the class ir.ui.view (IE a line of the ir_ui_view table if you see it from a db perspective)10:00
bechamel_droid: yes, and as the file name is in the file, the tryton server knows that (when you install the module) he has to load this file10:01
nicoe_droid: be back later10:05
_droidah k10:05
_droidbut what about "ir.ui.view" in specific? this model is only mentioned in the file hello.hello; is it defined somewhere else that I don't know of?10:16
_droidcan there be something else than "ir.ui.view"  in the record tag?10:48
Pilouyes, xml file allows to load data in the database.10:50
Piloufor example
_droidhi I have another question. what are those rnc-files? what is their part in the tryton server11:41
udono_droid: Hi, rnc and rng files are from relaxNG. Its a schema definition language for XML which replaces DTD. It is used to define and validate the XML used in Tryton.12:25
cedkbechamel: you are not allow to commit translation today13:16
_droidudono: ah ok thanks13:20
mdnsshi rmu15:17
rmuhi mdnss15:18
mdnssI couldn't connect again on friday15:18
rmumdnss: ?15:19
mdnssyou were helping me with my tryton issue15:19
mdnss"could not connect to server"15:20
rmui remember...15:20
rmuwhat do you mean with "couldn't connect again" - did it work once?15:20
rmumdnss: still there?15:39
mdnssyes rmu, I mean couldn't connect again to irc channel15:39
rmumdnss: you "just" have a configuration problem, your postgresql server is configured to listen on port 5433, and trytond tries to connect with port-number 543215:42
rmulast thing from friday was my suggestion to start trytond with "trytond -c path_to_folder/tryton/trytond-2.4.2/etc/trytond.conf -v"15:43
rmuthat should definitely work15:43
rmu(with the edited trytond.conf)15:44
mdnsspostgres was listening on port 5432, I changed to 5433 due to your suggestion15:45
mdnsslet me see what happens if I start trytond that way15:45
rmupostgres was set to listen on port 543315:47
rmui suggested to change the port setting in trytond.conf, not in postgresql15:47
rmubecause there probably is a reason why it listens on 543315:48
mdnssIt worked that way rmu15:48
mdnsscan you explain me what -c and -v means15:49
rmujust type "trytond --help", it will explain15:51
mdnssthanks a lot rmu !!15:51
mdnssrmu, to install additional modules, should I only copy the .zip file in trytond/modules?16:12
mdnssor should I extract them?16:12
rmui suppose you have to extract them16:15
floxtryton flooded pypi :-)17:47
cedkflox: rather pypi is slowing down the tryton release :-)17:52
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mdnssI've install calendar module, but I can't see a calendar view in tryton client21:18
mdnssanybody knows what am I doing wrong?21:18

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