IRC logs of #tryton for Tuesday, 2012-10-30 #tryton log beginning Tue Oct 30 00:00:01 CET 2012
mdnsshello, is anyone working with tryton's calendar?21:03
Piloucalendar module ?21:42
mdnssyes Pilou21:45
Piloui use it21:47
mdnssPilou, I connected Tryton with Thunderbird, using the addon lightning21:49
mdnssthe thing is, when I close Thunderbird, stop tryton server and then open Thunderbird and start tryton server some events are not in thunderbird anymore21:49
mdnssbut there're still in tryton event list21:50
mdnssthe thing is I need a calendar which gives me alerts, X time before meeting, and I couldn't see any popup or similar in tryton, thunderbird shows alerts very well21:51
mdnssdo you have any idea of what could be Pilou?21:51
__steve__Anyone have an experience/advice about the nereid web UI for Tryton?23:40
shomonah let me know if you find out.. we know a django dev so if it's not too different we'll go with that23:43
__steve__Django is a framework for general purpose web app development.  The Nereid I'm talking about aims at being a web UI for Tryton:23:54
shomonyeah I checked out the documentation, looks very interesting and well written23:57
shomonalso I saw a post claiming drupalcommerce was going to get linked up to tryton.. but no clue if it ever happened23:59

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