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rmuis there still time to register for TUL2012?10:39
sisalp do you know this team ?
cedksisalp: not me, but the dev will be at the TUL12:15
Pilousisalp: yes12:16
sisalpcedk: pilou: looking forward to collaborating with them then13:58
cedksisalp: I tried to test it, but it was not working on my geekphone14:02
cedksisalp: I'm wondering which version is it working14:02
sisalpwill get the answer at TUL14:04
Piloucedk: developpement is active, end of developpement is scheduled for december14:15
Pilou"which version" do you mean 2.4 or 2.6 ?14:15
cedkPilou: I tried the demo server which is 2.6 now14:19
cedkPilou: and I used the apk 0.214:19
Pilouthere is a 0.3 version, you can describe problem you encounter on the mailing list (
cedkPilou: it is working better, I got the menu14:33
mdnsshi Pilou15:48
Piloumdnss: when events are not displayed in thunderbird but are displayed using tryton client, with thunderbird you could try to refresh the calendar15:59
Pilouin order to do that i disable and next enable the calendar16:01
mdnssPilou, I already did that, but nothing changes16:04
Pilouwith thunderbird, if there is a little warning near the name of the calendar then the configuration in thunderbird is incorrect16:05
mdnssSometimes the little yellow icon appear, but some other times it doesn't and it works fine16:09
mdnssnow, I refreshed the calendar, in thunderbird and no event is show16:10
mdnssdespite in tryton I'm seeing 2 events16:10
mdnssPilou, I have no warning but still can't see the events I do see in Tryton16:32
Pilouwith thunderbird, check "Tools"->"Error console"16:34
Piloumdnss: by the way there are emails notifications when calendar_scheduling module is installed (see Administration/Users/Users, edit an user and check "notifications" tab)16:39
mdnssPilou, yes, I saw it, but I need an alert right on the calendar, the users who will use this have no access to email account17:06
mdnssthey have some restricted things, in this case, email17:06
PilouThunderbird with lightning should work, i use an ubuntu 12.04 (lightning 1.8) and a debian sid (lightning 1.2.3).17:11
mdnssPilou, I'm using ubuntu 12.04 also, thunderbird 16.0.1 with lightning 1.817:16
mdnssPilou, is there a way to have a popup alert in tryton? as I have in thunderbird17:16
Piloui don't think so17:25
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