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coepsgood evening everybody: I was wondering if there is a reason, that in the documentation (i.e. 2.2) some information is missing that is available in 1.4. Example: the tree view tag "select". This makes it really hard to find information.21:37
coepsI am playing around with the sorting of columns in trees. I can sort all columns in Product/Units (even the numbers) but not in Products.22:24
coepsIt does not seem to be the select =1 attribute of the field and the select in the xml (seems to be deprecated :)).22:25
coepsCan someone give me a hint, ho I can make columns sortable, please22:26
cedkcoeps: sort only works on fields that are supported by the ORM22:26
coepsand how can I identify them?22:26
cedkcoeps: this is the test:
cedkcoeps: so it is all except those in this case22:32
cedkcoeps: or simply in the UI if you click on the column and nothing happens then it can not be sorted22:32
coepscedk: thank you, I will use "Float" rather than Numeric in future :)22:40
cedkcoeps: numeric are sortable22:41
coepsok, I have a form, where a list of referenced objects is dissplayed (like in invoice lines). None of the columns is sortable, but these are float, text, numeric. Or does a tree in a form behave different22:52
coepsok, I tried with the demo, invoice lines are not sortable too. So i guess right now it is not possible.23:13

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