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mrechteHello. From yesterday's problem running a report gives: lib/python2.7/site-packages/trytond-2.6.1-py2.7.egg/trytond/model/
mrechte-> % (self.__name__, name))12:53
rmumrechte: it seems the report wants to access a field that does not exist. strange13:00
mrechte(Pdb) print name13:08
mrechte(Pdb) print self.__name__13:08
cedkmrechte: which report?13:09
mrechteAnother report gave (Pdb) print self.__name__: account.move.line13:10
mrechtecedk: any report from the Financial / Reports menu13:11
mrechteI have the following modules intalled: account 2.6.1, account_fr 2.6.0, company 2.6.0, country 2.6.0, currency 2.6.1, party 2.6.0, ir, res13:17
cedkmrechte: I think you should take one report that doesn't work and give all the information you can about it14:49
rmumrechte: i would make sure the installation is consistent, and start again with a fresh database. probably the database is messed up somehow from the failed installation of the account 2.6.0 module14:55
mrechtermu: OK I'll start again from a fresh install... Thanks19:05
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