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sealiborai'm responsible for a small eletronics' factories supply chain management09:56
sealiboraand i'm trying to use tryton to build it09:56
sealiborai have over 10 years of programming experience and about 5 years of it is with python09:57
sealiboraso no problem if i have to implement some of it myself09:57
shomonI program python too but most of my troubles with tryton are that connections cut every 5 minutes so serious work is not possible09:58
shomonapparently people don't use tryton over adsl lines09:58
sealiboraso my question: is there something to look for inspiration ?09:58
shomonget the skeleton module documentation or just alter existing ones to do what you need them to do09:59
sealiborai noticed there is something called product_electronic in openerp, is it sensible to look at that ?10:00
cedkshomon: I use Tryton over ADSL and there is no problem about disconnection10:00
cedksealibora: this module from OpenERP, just adds some fields on the product10:01
shomonit's so wierd.. :S10:01
cedksealibora: so it depends of your needs10:01
sealiborabasicly i need to add some fields to product, i was looking at product_measurements how to do it10:01
cedksealibora: just try with vanilla Tryton and see if you have all you need10:01
shomonour problem is the connections fill up.. all you need to do is let the client hang and close it and the server goes too10:01
sealiboracedk: i have tryton set up and i'm importing my BOMs10:02
cedkshomon: for me, your issue looks like a firewall issue10:02
shomonI guess at some point you have to take tryton's fields as a starting point and get a whiteboard out to map out the rest10:02
shomonhmm... any idea how I could check that? It's a vpn so it might have a firewall outside of it10:03
shomonI've had the same problem on 2 different servers10:03
cedkshomon: I guess it is on your ADSL box10:04
shomonanyone who connects gets the same problem10:04
shomonfrom all over barcelona...10:04
shomonso far about 4 or 5 people only though10:05
cedkshomon: once the client has connection with the server, it puts the connection with an large timeout, so if you have a firewall that cuts the connection without advertising the server, you got a problem because the client will start a new connection10:05
cedkshomon: such behavior happens often on bad firewall10:05
sealiborabut you do not know that someone hase already started work on something similar ?10:05
shomonwho will firewall the firewalls..10:05
shomonsealibora, maybe you could ask on the google groups?10:06
cedksealibora: difficult to answer because we don't know what you are planning to do10:06
shomonI guess you want to know when the widgets will get from a to b and how many are left at various suppliers or warehouses?10:07
sealiborafirst i want to have additional fields in product: package, value, resdefs10:08
sealiborathats actually a good first step, i'll do it right now10:09
cedksealibora: If you add attributes to products, you should check the coming Dict fields10:17
sealiboracedk: could you elaborate ?10:18
cedksealibora: I think the fields you want to add, are just information but not to be used by the system10:18
sealiboracedk: i want to filter by them10:19
cedksealibora: the fields.Dict allow to store such sets of values10:19
cedksealibora: if you want to filter, then it is not yet ready for that10:19
sealiboracedk: but it will be added in the near future ?10:19
cedksealibora: probably not out-of-the-box10:20
cedkudono: you wanted to add a description for each mailing list10:21
cedkudono: could you provide the text?10:21
Piloucedk: udono: about mailing lists, instead of having only description for contrib ML, description for other mailing should be added ?11:21
cedkPilou: will it not be confusing11:26
Pilouwhat will be confusing ?11:28
cedkPilou: to put the description of other mailing list on one11:29
Pilouwhat i wanted to say is that description for each ML could be added on the community page (
cedkPilou: just there is not enough because it is not the main entry point of ML12:50
cedkPilou: so we will have to duplicate the description on the ML and on the website, which is more harder to maintain12:50
Pilou"The website" is but what is "the ML" ? Is it!forum/tryton-XXXX ?12:57
cedkPilou: yes12:58
PilouI discover tryton mailing lists reading It's not hard work to duplicate text from this page to each group page (by the way currently there is no description text!forum/tryton-XXXX)13:06
cedkPilou: Trust me, it is hard to make manual synchronisation13:07
PilouIf one place should be choose, i think a description on community web page would be more useful than on the groups description.13:10
cedkPilou: It is a strange choise because people have to see the groups description but not the community page13:13
rmuif you are at it, is dead, so the link should probably be removed13:19
cedkPilou: hi by the way, as I saw since the Sprint at PyCONFR, you are more involved in the project. Do you want to have direct push access?16:07
PilouPush access to tryton repositories ?16:09
cedkPilou: yeps16:10
cedkPilou: I think it will increase your contributions :-)16:11
Pilouthanks, i would be honored :)16:12
cedkPilou: you will have to send me your ssh key16:22
cedkPilou: of course, it will not free you of codereview :-)16:25
Piloucodereviews are not punishments :)16:28
nicoePilou: welcome !16:38
Pilouthanks :)16:39
cedkcedric_scil: hi, I think you should post on tryton-contrib about the android client16:41
nicoecedk, cedric_scil: Indeed I'm quite sure a lot of people has never heard about the android client you're working on16:42
cedric_scilWhy not. Maybe my brain is burnt, I haven't found the lists...16:45
cedkcedric_scil: it is not yet published on the website (waiting Pilou :-)16:46
cedkcedric_scil: shortcut: http://groups-contrib.tryton.org16:46
cedric_scilcedk: Google account is mandatory?17:04
Piloucedric_scil: no17:04
cedkcedric_scil: yes but not a gmail account17:05
Piloucedric_scil: send an email to with "subscribe" in the subject17:05
Pilouwithout a google account ;)17:06
cedkPilou: it works ?17:06
cedkPilou: I guess, it create a google account on the fly17:07
cedric_scilThen I just have to send mails to
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