IRC logs of #tryton for Tuesday, 2012-11-27 #tryton log beginning Tue Nov 27 00:00:01 CET 2012
cedk_pheller: yes00:17
phellerthat's great news.  sorry that I've not been around to work on the Mac client in the past months - my job has taken much of my free time.00:19
cedk_pheller: we succeed to fund it via the community at the TUL00:20
phellercedk_: but I think most Mac users will prefer a web client anyways, so problem solved :-)00:20
cedk_pheller: I think it is still important to have a native Mac client00:20
phellercedk_: that's great, I wish I could have contributed something meaningful towards the effort.  Next time I'm in Europe, I will try to visit belgium and buy you guys some beers!00:21
cedk_pheller: by the way, we don't the webclient as a replacement of the GTK but as a complementary00:21
phellercedk_: understand, still good to have options.  One observation I've made at my company is that there is a strong preference for web clients over thick clients.  In fact, I have no thick clients for any of the applications I use for my day to day job.00:26
cedk_pheller: I guess it is a choice from IT not users00:28
cedk_pheller: bye00:32
rmuhi. is it possible to customize what text Many2Many fields display in a tree view?14:00
cedkrmu: it is the rec_name14:25
rmucurrently it shows the record count. nevermind, i made a function field.14:27
rmujust noticed a strange thing: i mistyped cls._error_messages.upgate(...) (should have been update) in a __setup__ method, but no error was reported. however, other errors (e.g. just putting an X there) are reported.16:53
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rmuis there any reason the @Cache decorator is gone, besides the ActiveRecord patch?21:01
cedkrmu: because it broke the modularity21:03
cedkrmu: also the new implementation is more flexible and allow a better caching21:14

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