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ivangarciahello, my countries table contains CountryName,Code,NationalityName columns05:22
ivangarciaI want to show in a form a selector with all the Nationalities... but I only know how to show the CountryNames, anybody can hint me?05:22
ivangarciahello, anybody knows how to get the IP of the logged user?06:43
udonoivangarcia: hello, AFAIK a user can be logged from several ips with same credentials.07:16
ivangarciaudono: yeah, i've been taking a look at the ir.session table07:17
ivangarciaudono: i'd like to have a history of the sessions and if possible an extra column of the IP that they logged in07:17
ivangarciafor security audits, etc07:17
ivangarciaanybody did that before?07:17
udonoivangarcia: Not that I know about. But sounds interesting.07:21
udonoivangarcia: it sounds like an extra model which collects data about all connection attempts to tryton. There you could put the ip-address beside user name and the connection result.07:26
ivangarciaudono: i'm researching if I can create a history_table of the ir.session table07:30
ivangarciathen we would just need to add the IP address that the knows07:30
ivangarciaudono: so i was able to create a history_table from ir.session but it's not ideal, since many session rows are created during 1 loggin, also it doesn't store the logouts(basically a logout deletes the session instance from the ir.session table)08:02
ivangarciaudono: so a new module should be developed, with logins,and logouts , registering: type,host,port,protocol,etc08:03
rmuthere is a problem in production.set_moves in production-module10:46
rmuwhere the cost-price is assigned to the outgoing moves10:47
rmuthe division cost / quantity can yield arbitrary number of decimal places, no rounding is applied, then the constraint enforcing number of digits complains10:48
rmuexample: Decimal("33") / Decimal("7")10:49
rmui will open an issue10:50
rmuoh i see it is already fixed10:51
rmusorry for the noise10:51
rmuno it is not fixed10:54
nicoermu: you should create an issue11:18
rmudone, i'm just testing the patch... will take some time11:18
nicoermu: thanks :D11:49
shomonmy bug with connections.. - looks like it's due to the default db_maxconn being really low11:53
shomonat least 2 days I raised that value and haven't seen that bug since11:53
rmuso it seems the patch is working... generate_requests is giving the server a workout since 2 hours15:26
rmuwhat is strange: i can not log in with another session? client sends common.db.login and waits for answer15:27
corrodoes anybody know why it isn't allowed to set the state of an invoice from 'proforma' back to 'draft' when the invoice was generated by a sale? It raises an UserError "You cannot reset to draft an invoice generated by a sale".15:43
rmuit seems auto-generating request from stock_supply_production does not converge, in other words it loops/recurses forever16:45
rmui remember something like this happened at the presentation at the unconference16:45
rmudoes anybody have any idea what the problem might be?16:46
cedkrmu: about issue290518:48
cedkrmu: I think we should compute products_period inside the IN_MAX loop18:49
rmucedk: and limit it to the current batch of products18:55
cedkrmu: yeps18:56
rmucedk: about the other thing, the login issue19:06
rmui can query the res_user table from psql while the wizard is running19:06
rmuno blocking19:06
cedkrmu: but are you using a repeatable read transaction ?19:08
rmucedk: begin transaction isolation level repeatable read; select * from res_users;19:12
rmudoes not block while wizard is running19:12
rmucedk: it block while trying to update the login_try in get_login19:28
cedkrmu: that's what I thought also19:33
cedkrmu: I think we should move login_try outside res_user19:33
rmucedk: this wizard can run for some time, blocking logins for extended periods is clearly not intended ;-)19:35
rmucedk: i will work on the periods-thing in stock_supply_production19:35
cedkrmu: I have done a patch, could you test it?19:43
rmucedk: yes, test is already running19:43
rmucedk: will take about an hour19:44
cedkrmu: still no result?22:29
rmuoh sorry... forgot to check. test seems to have run ok22:30
cedkrmu: ok, could you put comment on issue or review22:32
rmujep... it did complete as far as i can say now22:32
rmui'm not at my workplace ATM, i will comment tomorrow morning22:33
cedkrmu: ok22:37

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