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ivangarciaHello, I have the column 'nationality' in the module, I'd like to show a selector of all the Nationalities in my view with <label name="nationality"/>10:51
ivangarcia<field name="nationality" widget="selection"/>10:51
ivangarciabut I'm having troubles to what to put in my class field10:51
cedkivangarcia: widget selection only works with Selection or Many2One fields10:52
ivangarcianationality = fields.Many2One('', 'Nationality', select=True )10:52
ivangarciacedk: my Party class has to have a nationality field... but I can only make show the Countries10:53
ivangarciai want it to be Many2One of countries, but the selector showing the 3rd column=nationality10:53
ivangarciai was wondering if Many2One has some extrafield i can use for this10:56
cedkivangarcia: no, if you point to country, it shows you country10:58
ivangarciacedk:  but I added the nationality attribute inside the Country class in the '' module11:00
ivangarciai've tried many ways to access it but i haven't find yet11:00
cedkivangarcia: many2one shows only rec_name11:02
ivangarciacedk: any wish-feature to add some parameter to change that?11:06
ivangarciado u suggest I create some dynamically generated Selection list for the moment?11:16
ivangarciait's the only option i'm thinking so far11:16
rmuivangarcia: i think you could use _inherits in your nationality-class11:36
rmuand override rec_name there11:37
cedkivangarcia: indeed, I'm not sure to understand what you want to do11:37
cedkivangarcia: I'm not sure nationality should be added to country11:37
cedkivangarcia: I will do a nationality table (with a link to country if needed)11:37
ivangarciarmu: thanks, i'm thinking to separate it to another table like cedk suggests, i'll have linked to the country references because I'd need to make reports base on nationalities-countries,etc11:42
cedknicoe: ssh://
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ivangarciacedk, rmu: it worked well, nationalities are showing up now in the form.12:10
horRnwhy a act_window called from menu is ignoring the result of view_header_get? it shows always the string given by name of act_window.13:04
cedkhorRn: because menu is more accurate13:07
horRncedk: ? i have two act_window.view from type tree - each needs a different header. so I need to put two menuentries? mhhhh ... in which case view_header_get is'nt ignored? called from wizzards and relations?13:11
cedkhorRn: I think13:14
cedkhorRn: but I think we will drop view_header_get in the future and use only custom action for that13:15
horRncedk: action where? in the model?13:16
cedkhorRn: act_window13:19
horRncedk: ok13:20
horRnme again18:21
horRnFinished my work at a highly dynamic extension - user can switch between different treeviews and graphs for a model. each of them displays a really different result - so it would be nice to show that in the header of the client. is this a very strange use case or could this be a common need in the client?18:24
horRnbecause it seems that the header is defined by the act_windows name - ignoring the setting 'string' of the act_window.views18:26
cedkhorRn: for me, it should have the same title as it is the same object18:30
horRncedk: yes - mostly. I have a listview- view 1 shows a lot of numbers as percent - second view is showing the same values as absolut numbers. the headers of the cols are named like this - but my customer ask me for a BIGGER hint what result he is starrring18:34
horRncedk: so it seems better to generate a menu entry for each view - but this bloating the menu :(18:37
horRncedk: no space left in menuslot ;)18:38
cedkhorRn: at least different menu entry provide a better answer to your customer concerns18:40
cedkhorRn: as he will not mix the views18:40
shomon_hola! I'm trying to install tryton, but I can't figure out how to get weakrefset installed?18:40
cedkhorRn: or you could ask which view in a wizard18:40
shomon_it's 2.4 in ubuntu 11.0418:40
shomon_so a bit wierd18:40
shomon_but it should be in apt I thought18:40
cedkshomon_: Python 2.6 is almost deprecated18:41
horRncedk: you are mostly right - but he wants to switch like a crazy ape - he needs to learn some shortcuts ;)18:41
shomon_oh by the way I just discovered db maxconn... the bug I found is linked to the low default setting I guess18:43
shomon_thanks.. will install 2.718:44

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