IRC logs of #tryton for Sunday, 2012-12-02 #tryton log beginning Sun Dec 2 00:00:01 CET 2012
Ark_somebody round that can give me 1 or 2 hints how to get the remote connection to a freshly installed tryton-server?00:05
Ark_I think I am about to figure it out on my own, got a new track...00:16
hedei want to interface translation to turkish05:23
Ark_Hello there, I successfully installed tryton 2.6.0-1 on debian squeeze, but I now encounter various errors when tryting to configure it, like f.ex.12:11
Ark_hmm the copy function from the Application Error window doesn't work neither12:12
Ark_loggin in with the user I used to try to install modules I finally got a KeyError: 'res.user'12:13
Ark_Actually now I cannot login anymore with none of the two users I already set up, always getting a "KeyError: 'res.user'". I got different errors when I tried to mark some modules (installed from official packages) for installation. I tried to unmark some which resulted in them disappearing from the display, so I thought I better log off and on again.12:16
Ark_I found similar behaviour already appeared earlier:, restarting the tryton-server let me login again, but installing several modules leads to nagging ir.session-errors and those unmarked modules to disappear in the overview12:27
Ark_After all concerned dependencies were manually analyzed and met, I got the system working without series of consequent "ir.session"-errors but had to log on and off and restart the tryton-server when those errors occured several times. Is such a behaviour (which is actually just concerning the error handling in cases of unmet dependencies) worth a bug report?12:47
Ark_entering a company without a VAT-nr. leads to errors too. I wonder whether there is an interest in reporting such.12:59
Ark_(there is companies and quite a few that don't have a VAT-nr. because they are exempt)13:00

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