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shomonif someone tries to connect to tryton from a client, and it says "incompatible version"12:38
shomon.. is it just because the client is a different version ffrom the server? because in this case it looks lke the same: 2.4.112:39
shomoncould it be a python library or something else?12:42
cedkshomon: you probably use different series of client and server12:44
shomonI wonder if an older version of tryton on a machine can mess with a new download being run from a recently extracted directory13:07
rmushomon: it can13:14
rmuuse virtualenv13:14
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marc0scan anyone help me with this error?
marc0si'm just playing with a simple module but got this error when opening the form view of an and don't know what i've missed or where i've failed20:03
marc0sthanks :)20:03
rmumarcOs: default_active should be a static or class method20:27
marc0srmu: ouch! missed that. Thanks! :)20:31
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marc0sdoes anybody know where can i find an _inherits example code?22:53
cedkmarc0s: in product22:54
marc0scedk: thanks22:54
marc0sgiven this, what does this error means? Exception: ('Error', 'Wrong field name (driver) for insurance.automobile.driver.rel in order!')23:36
marc0sI don't understand it23:36
marc0smaybe the unfinished searcher...23:37
marc0sit's a problem with a rec_name23:55

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