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sharoonthomasi am trying to build a binary for the latest version 2.4 series client15:17
sharoonthomasany idea who currently maintains the tryton client for mac ?15:17
cedksharoonthomas: I build them15:44
sharoonthomascedk: do you follow the same instructions as thats there on the wiki ?15:45
sharoonthomascedk: and what version of OSX do you use ?15:45
cedksharoonthomas: I don't follow the wiki15:45
sharoonthomascedk: do you use jhbuild ?15:46
cedksharoonthomas: yes15:46
sharoonthomascedk: and version of osx ?15:46
cedksharoonthomas: don't remember15:47
cedksharoonthomas: 10.6.815:47
sharoonthomascedk: thanks, building with recent versions of OSX + Xcode seem impossible15:49
piloui am currently building an os x tryton client,15:49
sharoonthomaspilou: how is it going ?15:50
piloufine, i need to run "python ./ py2app" but previous steps went fine15:50
sharoonthomaspilou: what version of osx ?15:51
cedksharoonthomas: you mean compile GTK ?15:57
sharoonthomascedk: yes15:57
cedksharoonthomas: did you check the GTK bugtracker?15:58
sharoonthomascedk: from the information available it looks like both lion (10.7) and mountain lion (10.8) with their Xcode versions are bad candidates for building gtk15:59
cedksharoonthomas: it is always good to keep old version for such task15:59
cedksharoonthomas: like we build also on windows XP15:59
sharoonthomascedk: agree16:00
cedksharoonthomas: by the way, why don't you use the 2.4 build available ?16:01
sharoonthomascedk: bugs :) which are already fixed16:02
cedksharoonthomas: I uploaded a new build base on 2.4.2 last week16:02
sharoonthomascedk: thank you… i wish i had checked before16:03
piloui will post on the ML when i get a working client16:04
cedkpilou: update the wiki is better16:05
cedkeven if I find that it should not be the job of Tryton to explain how to build GTK, Python etc. on MacOS16:05
pilouwhat are the steps that you don't follow in the wiki ?16:08
pilouIf the Tryton community distribute a binary client, maybe documentation explaining how to build this binary client should be provided. Besides GPLv3 mentions "the16:13
pilouCorresponding Source conveyed under this section must be accompanied16:13
pilouby the Installation Information16:13
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