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rmuquestion about stock_lot and inventories: it seems it is not possible to enter lots with the inventory - am i missing something?11:52
cedkrmu: no, it is a missing feature11:53
rmui guess this feature belongs into stock_lot and not a separate module?11:56
cedkrmu: why not but it is not an easy stuff11:58
cedkrmu: because you don't know which lot are missing11:58
cedkrmu: or received11:59
rmucedk: i'm not sure if i understand. When I'm encoding inventory, I _know_ which lots are there.12:02
cedkrmu: but we don't care about that12:12
cedkrmu: it is the lot that are missing, we care12:13
rmucedk: you mean the lots that should be there according to database but are not there in reality? those would be moved in the opposite direction.12:15
cedkrmu: indeed you should not care about the presence or not of a lot12:17
rmucedk: i do care about serial numbers on products in stock12:22
cedkrmu: why?12:23
rmushelf-life, and tracking purposes12:24
cedkrmu: don't understand12:32
cedkrmu: you would want to know which serial you sent to your customers12:32
rmucedk: i want to know which serial numbers are where, including the warehouse. if i only track serial numbers when shipping to customers, this would not be "stock lots"12:34
cedkrmu: this won't scale12:38
rmucedk: i also want to track which serial numbers are used in specific production runs.12:43
cedkrmu: that's not a problem12:45
cedkrmu: by the way, what is the purpose to know where is each lot in the warehouse?12:50
rmucedk: products my have a "use-before" date, so workers should have a means to find those products that have to be used first. another case is if you have to remove a bad batch of some product, it would be helpful to know where those bad batches are exactly. i could make up more examples12:54
rmucedk: imagine your customers send you "stuff" for processing. then you would always want to know which stuff belongs to whom and where it is.12:59
cedkrmu: so don't use lot but create a product for each one13:02
rmucedk: which example do you mean? the "use-before"? that doesn't make sense (what to do e.g. with BOMs?)13:04
rmucedk: what kind of use-case is stock_lot designed for?13:06
cedkrmu: lot is soft if you want strong is products13:13
cedkrmu: or be organized13:14
yangooncedk what is your idea about handling of e.g. pharmaceuticals where you have to track lots of one and the same product?13:19
yangoonand you get the message, that you have to withdraw a specific lot?13:20
cedkyangoon: pharmaceuticals manage their warehouse by putting same product on the same place13:25
cedkyangoon: so it is easy to find it13:26
rmucedk: kind of off-topic, and i know that tryton is not designed for that use-case, but another example where you want to know what is where: robot-managed storage13:27
rmucedk: where you explicitely tell the robot to fetch "serial number X"13:28
yangooncedk I don't know from where you got this information. I think we have a different use case of  a dealer in this business, where products don't necessarily have to be put in the same place, where it is even impossible to put them on the same place.13:30
cedric_scilHello all. The Tryton client for Android is published on Google Play (and some other more open places). You can check the description at and if there is nothing wrong I will publish an announce at some places14:26
udonocedric_scil: cool. Its running :-)14:29
udonocedric_scil: About the description: We use to name Tryton simply Tryton, not Tryton ERP14:29
udonocedric_scil:  It lets you ... --> E.g. it let you...14:31
cedric_scilWorks better in French with "l'ERP Tryton". Ok, I will remove ERP (and I think I forgot tagging the description)14:31
udonocedric_scil: "from your Android terminal." --> from your Android device.14:32
udonocedric_scil: Maybe a link to and a link to!14:34
cedric_scilThere is no tag for the description, I think putting ERP somewhere can be interesting14:34
bechamelcedric_scil: good job, do not forget to send a message on the mailing-list to reach people not following the channel14:36
udonocedric_scil: maybe something like this:  The Android client for Tryton let you connect to a Tryton server. You can access and edit all your ERP information like accounting,  invoice, production, stock.14:40
cedric_scilBetter that the quick and dirty enumeration :)14:41
udonocedric_scil: maybe like this: It is a generic client and aims to be compatible with all Tryton modules.14:43
cedric_scil"Client to connect to a Tryton server. You can access and edit all your ERP information like accounting, invoice, production, stock and more from your Android device." (Android is obvious on Google Play)14:43
udonocedric_scil: +114:43
udonocedric_scil: I would not refer to the gtk client of tryton without any explanation. I am sure some people will recognize Tryton the first time from google play, and gtk is a technical term.14:48
cedric_scilIt is removed14:48
cedric_scilSure, the first announce was taken for the techies of Freecode14:49
cedric_scilI published the first edits, it will be shown soon, continue to make remarks, it is almost instant.14:50
cedric_scil(or not)14:51
udonocedric_scil: good.14:54
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plantianhey guys, trying to understand this code, seems like the if to_update: condition should be inside the for loop here, is this a bug? --
cedkplantian: no, it just group the update23:52
plantiancedk: It is guaranteed that two warehouses won't be in the list and the locations will not be nested below other locations?23:53
plantianThe parent location will be set arbitrarily to the last location in the list of locations as far as I can tell.23:54
plantianWhereas the purpose seems to be, as far as I can tell, to set the parent location of the immediate input, output and storage locations on the warehouse to be the warehouse.23:58
cedkplantian: mmmh, yes the if test should be inside23:59

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