IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2013-01-16 #tryton log beginning Wed Jan 16 00:00:01 CET 2013
cedkplantian: will you provide a patch?00:28
plantiancedk: Yes I can, I will create issue and follow guidelines.00:31
plantianAre bug fixes back ported to prior major versions of official tryton modules?00:32
plantianWith similar minor revisions to that of the trytond/tryton revisioning?00:33
plantianI think I see now.00:35
cedkplantian: yes00:36
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odichaHi all115:32
odichais there expiry date for products lot in any module or do I have to add fields manually?15:33
odichaproduct lots...15:33
rmui got some strange issue with float function fields17:04
rmuwhen displayed in the client, they get marked as "modified"17:05
rmu(because of rounding)17:05
rmuand that in turn disables buttons17:05
cedkrmu: return a correctly rounded value in your fonction field17:07
rmucedk: oh it seems the client arbitrarily decides to use digits(16, 2) if nothing is set. that causes the float to be rounded to 2 digits and therefore the client thinks it was modified17:11
cedkrmu: (16, 2) is the default digits17:31
rmucedk: thx, it works now.17:50
plantianDo on_change_<field_name>() and on_change_with_<field_name> callbacks now not take arguments because they can just get the values from self?21:58
cedkplantian: yes22:43

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