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plantiancedk: Okay thanks.  I couldn't find where they were called, does the client call them on the server?  Or are they called by the model somewhere?00:40
cedkplantian: the client call them but RPC do the glue00:46
plantiancedk: okay, thanks00:47
iamnoobhi can anyone please tell me why im having an error on creating a field.Many2One03:43
iamnoobi got this code03:48
iamnoobStocknumber = fields.Many2One('catgroup.manager','NSN',required=True,states=STATES,03:48
iamnoobnow 'catgroup.manager' is a model from another module03:49
iamnoobnow when im upgrading my module with this changes.. i keep having an error on 'catgroup.manager'03:50
plantianiamnoob: Can you put the traceback in a pastebin?05:23
plantianiamnoob: What does your catgroup.manager model look like?  You could pastebin that too.05:24
iamnoobthanks for the reply plantian.. ok ill use pastebin..06:19
iamnoobplantian: here my code (link: this is my im having error problem on line 126 it seems it cant find the model i want.. and that model is in another module (in a seperate folder too)06:31
iamnoobhere the other module (link: the one where 'catgroup.manager' model is06:32
plantianiamnoob: What version of trytond are you using?06:35
plantianiamnoob: Can you pastebin the exception/traceback?06:37
iamnoobplatian: i got 1.4.3 trytond and 1.4.1 tryton i got it using synaptic package manager06:37
iamnoobok thanks.. ill pastebin it06:37
iamnoobplantian: here is the traceback (link:
plantianiamnoob: I am a little bit of a tryton noob myself but did you make sure your catalog is in your imports in ?06:44
iamnoobplantian: i did some playing around with the and see what happens.. when i include  on it gives me a different error06:46
plantianiamnoob: What is the other error?06:47
iamnoobplantion: actually i dont know whats wrong. i did make a Many2One field similar to this problem.. and its  working ok.. you can see it on  (link:  line 10306:48
iamnoobplation: ok ill pastebin the other error.06:48
plantianiamnoob: the KeyError error seems like the other model is not being loaded at all06:50
iamnoobplantian: here the other trace back.. when i include CatalogGroup in the __init__06:52
iamnoob (link:
iamnoobplatian: i dont know how it cant load the model i wanted.. unlike the other one i made.. its working ok. still thinking whats i did wrong06:56
plantianiamnoob: I think this error is probably the real error.06:58
plantianiamnoob: Did you run trytond -u yourmodulename?06:59
plantianiamnoob: It might be that you made a character field with the same name beforehand and the database is not updated.07:00
plantianI see you have this line -- #Stocknumber = fields.Char('National Stock Number') -- did you used to have a character field before the Many2One ?07:00
iamnoobplantian: yes i did use #Stocknumber = fields.Char('National Stock Number') just to see if changing it will remove the problem. for me to identify07:01
plantianiamnoob: A manual check might be to open your database using a command line tool and inspect the table inventory_manager and see what column type the Stocknumber column is.07:02
iamnoobplantian: im trying trytond -u, yourmodulename .. you mean the filename of my .py file?07:03
iamnoobplantian: ok ill do that.. thanks! ill give you a feedback right away.. thanks again07:03
plantianiamnoob: I think it is the name of the tryton module, not just the file.07:03
plantianiamnoob: I might be wrong though, but more people will start showing up in a few hours and they will probably be quicker to debug your problem.07:04
iamnoobplantian:thanks for the time .. i appriciate it really. gave me idea where to start checking again. just had a quick meal.. cant think with an empty stomack :)07:42
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iamnoobplatian: your right about the real problem. i drop my current database and created a new one. also include the catalog on the __init__.py09:26
plantianiamnoob: cool, so it works?10:19
iamnoobplatian: yes thanks.. :) drop my old database and let tryton create a new one10:41
rmui'm trying to get to the root of another rounding problem in production/bom tree11:30
rmugiven a bom that uses 4m² of product A, and another bom that transforms 1 piece of product B into 10m² of product A11:31
rmuthe bom tree for 1 piece of that bom shows 0 pieces of B are used to produce 4m² of product A11:31
rmuseems somewhere round is used where ceil should be11:41
udonormu: Hi, IIUC it is a bug. But your scenario could be more clear.11:49
rmuudono: i'm currently checking what is happening when executing the production order11:58
udonormu: Thanks but I meant the setup of your BOM calculation is not very clear to me. It would be good for me to have also information about the numbers you would expect.12:18
rmuudono: i was on the phone12:19
udonormu: All in all, I think it is save to put all the information in a new issue.12:19
rmuudono: i will try to come up with a scenario...12:20
udonormu: good.12:20
rmuthe number i would expect is that 1 piece of B is used to produce 10m² of product A12:20
rmuand then 4m² of those 10m² are used to produce the final product12:21
rmubom tree shows that 0 pieces of product B are used to product 4m² of product A12:21
eriamHello, I'm trying to find the mentionned on a wiki for a FreeBSD install18:58
eriamit seems it dissapeared from the repo18:58
cedkeriam: use hgnested19:00
eriamcedk: ok, I'll look at that, thanks19:01
eriamcedk: works fine, thanks !19:09
eriamcedk: hum it's actually complaining when I run a hg nclone
cedkeriam: it works here so probably connection issue19:15
eriamcedk: ok I'll check that, thanks19:17
plantianHi, I'm still trying to understand some elements of Tryton, I think I have found a few action keywords in the client toolbar, but they don't seem to all be there, what is the purpose of action keywords?  Why the word "keyword"?20:46
cedkplantian: keyword is used to define where to show the action21:04
plantiancedk: Okay thanks, I think I am getting it, what is the "tree_action" keyword?  It seems to not be used.  Is it deprecated?21:23
cedkplantian: it is action launch when double clicking on list view21:28
plantiancedk: I thought that is "tree_open"?21:29
zodmanping cedk how make grunt works ?¿
zodmannot work23:11
cedkzodman: you must install the grunt-contrib-*23:13
cedkzodman: for the second, I think it is because you don't use grunt 0.4.*23:14
cedkzodman: but I must say that the js lib are not the more stable I have seen23:20
zodmannodejs it like ruby on stability  :S23:23
zodmanreally i will replace the Gruntfile for a makefile the minify and watchdog for changes23:49

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