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plantianIs it possible to tell which model I'm viewing in a form in the client without looking at the code?00:08
plantiannevermind i think i found it, view logs maybe00:09
iamnoobgood day.. is there a way to create a shopping cart? like a temporary table that stores all selected values? im trying to create a wishlist module..10:34
cedkiamnoob: what do you mean by "temporary"?10:35
iamnoobcedk: umm maybe temporary is not the right word for it.. anyway its like i would like to have a view_tree inside a view_form..  something like that..10:36
cedkiamnoob: you can have since 2.4 I think10:37
cedkiamnoob: but it is one2many with a tree view with children10:37
iamnoobcedk: ohh.. do tryton have an official module with those example ? would like to learn it..10:38
cedknicoe: I'm wondering if it could be a good idea to allow to show the traceback in the client when raising a user_error10:38
nicoecedk: why ?10:39
nicoecedk: The message is not explicit enough ?10:39
cedknicoe: for example when it is an unexpected access error, it is annoying to go to the code to put a traceback print to understand why10:41
nicoecedk: Indeed10:44
yangoon1ps aux11:15
flox1000     24379  0.0  0.1   6316  3132 pts/0    Ss   10:55   0:00 -bash11:20
flox1000     25108  0.0  0.0   4192  1032 pts/0    R+   11:19   0:00 ps aux11:20
rmucedk: regarding this ceil/round issue in production. adding ceil to uom should probably happen in product-module, as it is quite generic and not necessarily specific to production. should i do it there (in separate codereview), or extend product.uom in the production module?14:28
cedkrmu: in product module14:30
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