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crisyelit1hola a todos01:17
crisyelit1hi every all01:17
crisyelit1hi all01:19
crisyelit1quien puede explicarme como crear un modulo; who can tell me how to create a module01:20
plantiancrisyelit1: What version of tryton are you using?01:30
crisyelit1plantian, you can help01:32
crisyelit1i sorry, is 2.401:34
crisyelit1plantian, this are you?01:38
crisyelit1here is you?01:38
plantianI am using 2.6, but 2.4 is similar.01:38
crisyelit1I sorry my english is bad01:39
crisyelit1no, is 2.401:39
crisyelit1I understand01:39
plantiancrisyelit1: no problem, the best approach is to find a simple official module in 2.4 and write similar code01:42
crisyelit1i need to do some modules, but not; I made the hello world; but something bad01:42
plantiancrisyelit1: The hello world on the wiki?01:42
plantiancrisyelit1: So you created a basic module.  Did you get it installed?01:43
crisyelit1follow the steps, but not see in tryton01:44
plantiancrisyelit1: hold on let me start my client01:49
plantiancrisyelit1: Do you see it in Administration > Modules ?01:49
plantiancrisyelit1: What happens when you open your module and try to mark your module for installation?01:50
crisyelit1there should be the new module, but not see01:51
crisyelit1not see new modulo01:51
plantiancrisyelit1: I understand, where is your module with respect to your trytond/modules directory?01:53
plantiancrisyelit1: The module must either be in the modules directory or you must have an entry point in your file.  As far as I know those are the 2 ways to get it to show up.01:56
crisyelit1my system operation is ubuntu 12.04; /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond_sucursal-2.4.1-py2.6.egg01:56
plantiancrisyelit1: Does your module have a file?01:57
crisyelit1my module no have a file02:06
plantiancrisyelit1: UNTESTED -- but you could try this -- -- put it in the same directory as -- then run "python install"02:08
plantiancrisyelit1: This is a simple version of this file --
crisyelit1I can use that, work in my module02:10
plantiancrisyelit1: ?02:14
plantiancrisyelit1: The 'entry_points=' will make tryton show your module.02:14
crisyelit1did the my modules02:21
plantiancrisyelit1: I don't understand.  Did you try the file?  Where is your helloWorld directory?02:25
crisyelit1but do not see it02:25
plantiancrisyelit1: I don't think you will need the if the module is there, sorry I could not tell where your module was.02:29
plantiancrisyelit1: You can try to install your module from the command line.02:30
plantiancrisyelit1: You can try running: trytond -c CONFIG_FILE -d DBNAME --init=YOUR_MODULE_NAME02:31
crisyelit1hello worlk module for branch change it but everything inside is equal02:31
plantiancrisyelit1: Another thing to check is if there are messages about your module when you start trytond.02:33
plantiancrisyelit1: I have to go but I will be back later, sorry I have not been able to help.02:33
crisyelit1mistake gave the command you gave me02:37
crisyelit1IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'setup-py'02:37
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cedkcould someone have also a look at
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ronaldmcedk, on Windows XP running Microsoft security essentials I did not detect anything. I even extracted the files, still nothing12:15
ronaldmcedk, I will try on different machine with Avira12:15
ronaldmcedk, the installer file works fine as well12:15
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flo0After my training mid Jan I am finally starting with Tryton. I hope this is the right channel to ask questions: Is there a docu about access permissions? It seems to me all new users are allowed to access all menu items (except adminstration) by default. How can I change this? I haven't any hint.12:18
cedkronaldm: thanks, could you put a comment on the tracker with your result12:22
cedkflo0: there is a groups field on ir.ui.menu12:22
cedkflo0: once filled, only member of those groups has access to the menu12:23
ronaldmflo0: take a look at the GNU Health access groups here:
flo0cedk:  I am a bit lost, I don't know where to apply this. To make it clear, for a new user I want to have an empty menu, and then I then, for example, I want to grant permissions to access the training module.16:04
flo0Is there a doc somewhere about this. I can remember there is a docu other that but I can't remember.16:05
cedkflo0: there is the wiki:
flo0ronaldm: This looks interesting, but here is the same, I don't know where to put that.16:06
cedkflo0: but the access to menu is quiet simple, empty groups field = everybody has access, non-empty = only user in one of the group has access16:06
flo0And where should I put this groups field? I have to put it somewhere in a xml file? Right?16:09
ronaldmflo0: the Tryton admin manual:
cedkflo0: yes if you think it must be hardcoded16:14
crisyelithi plantian17:31
crisyelithello, who can guide me with creating a module in Tryton17:36
crisyelitin wiki and make the hello world, but I get nothing17:37
rmucrisyelit: the tutorial works for version 2.417:39
rmuversion 2.6 is different17:39
crisyelitI have 2.417:40
rmucrisyelit: how did you install?17:40
crisyelitmy system operation is ubuntu 12.0417:41
crisyelitin this: hello.odt,, hello.xml, init_.py_,, tryton_.py_17:44
rmucrisyelit: how did you install tryton?17:45
crisyelitpip instal tryton; pip instal trytond, pip instal trytond_module17:46
rmui'm not sure where to "manually" put custom modules in this case, but probably you need to update your database for trytond to detect new modules17:47
rmuwith trytond -d <databasename> -u all17:47
rmuthe tutorial names the directory helloWorld (lowercase h), perhaps this makes a difference, didn't check though17:49
crisyelitI updated, but i can do17:53
crisyelitlower case letter and place17:54
crisyelitmy english is bad, I sorry17:54
crisyelitI speak spanish17:55
rmucrisyelit: no problem, i think i understand ;-) - just for the record, trytond works, you can connect with the client, and create a db? the problem is that you don't see the hello world module in the list of available modules?18:01
crisyelitI do Tryton modules to adapt to, but I do not see hello world in the list of modules to install18:04
rmuthe files-names should be and __tryton__.py18:05
rmui read init_.py_ resp. tryton_.py_ in your post18:06
rmuunfortunately i have to go... ttyl18:07
crisyelitif what I wrote, but now I do, or give me an email to send you18:10
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crisyelithelp me, i want to make a module, in wiki that hello worlk, but did not visible in the list of module tryton19:38
crisyelithelp me19:43
plantiancrisyelit: You could put your module on github and then we could see it.  Did you try running trytond --init=YOURMODULE ?19:45
crisyelitthe module helloWorld is /usr/local/lib/dist-packages; my system operation ubuntu 12.04, comand  gave the error19:59
crisyelithi plantian19:59
crisyelitthat here20:16
plantiancrisyelit: What is the error?  Can you pastebin it?20:27
crisyelitwhere do?20:27
plantiancrisyelit:  You can pastebin the message/error here --
plantiancedk: Should migration patches be against or ?20:29
plantianSorry, by migration patches I mean, the patch for the bug I reported yesterday and then for the latest bug I just reported.  I made the patches against 2.6, is that wrong?20:30
cedkplantian: the highest version where the issue exists20:30
plantiancedk: Okay, well with this data set I don't think I can test trunk unless the trunk api does not differ from 2.6.20:31
plantianOtherwise my custom modules will all throw errors because they are installed in the data set that is being migrated.20:32
crisyelitsorry not get the error20:32
cedkplantian: don't know about your patch but it should not be too different20:32
plantiancedk: I think the actual patch will be the same, just testing it might be difficult.20:33
plantiancrisyelit: You must specify your database as a command line argument: trytond -d DBNAME --install=helloWorld20:36
plantiancrisyelit: Maybe your trytond.conf file as well, do you know where your configuration file is?20:36
plantiancrisyelit: sorry my mistake --init not --install, and add in the configuration file like this: trytond -d DBNAME -c etc/trytond.conf --init=helloWorld20:42
plantiancrisyelit: great, so this is progress, what is the path of your module again?20:46
plantiancrisyelit: Can you try this: trytond -d DBNAME -c etc/trytond.conf --init=hello20:51
plantiancrisyelit: How did you install the module?20:51
crisyelitonly place it20:54
crisyelitthe new module, just place it in the module tryton20:55
crisyelit /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/helloWorld20:56
crisyelitcopy and paster20:56
plantiancrisyelit: okay, tryton cannot find it there you have to use python install or put it IN the modules directory20:57
plantianas far as i know20:58
plantiancrisyelit: I guess before that you need to find your trytond.conf file for this --
plantiancrisyelit: Is it here  /etc/trytond.conf ?21:03
plantiancrisyelit: This is not the proper way to install modules but maybe you could do it until you get the appropriate way working -- I don't know if it will work but try this: ln -s /usr/local/lib/dist-packages/helloWorld /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond-2.4.2-py2.6.egg/trytond/trytond/modules/helloWorld21:13
plantiancrisyelit: Does this directory exist? /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond-2.4.2-py2.6.egg/trytond/modules/helloWorld21:19
crisyeliti send a picture as21:21
plantiancrisyelit: Okay, so your module is at "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond-2.4.2-py2.6.egg/trytond/modules/helloWorld" and not here  "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/helloWorld"?21:25
plantiancrisyelit: I think you need to get your to work and run python install.21:25
crisyelitno," /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/helloWorld"21:27
crisyelitas i send a picture so you can see the file21:28
crisyelitsorry but I have to go now, tomorrow we go?21:33
plantiancrisyelit: Sure21:33
plantiancrisyelit: Talk to you then.21:34
crisyelitthank you21:34
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plantianAny thoughts on theses errors seen in the client after logging in for the first time after migrating from 1.8 to 2.6?  I believe I have old records somewhere but it is not clear where:
plantianWhat relationship stores the windows you last had open?23:35
cedkplantian: none23:36
cedkplantian: but on the user you can define default action to run23:36
plantianI thought that was maybe it but it seems to crash before it gets those out of the preferences.23:37
plantianie. It seems that prefs is None instead of prefs['actions'] having actions.23:37
cedkplantian: strange but it was migrating from a many2one to a list23:38
plantiancedk: I don't understand.  Is this the table? res_user-ir_action23:39
cedkplantian: yes23:39
plantianIt is empty.23:40
plantianWhat does the user.action column do?23:41
plantianThe act_window errors happen first so it seems like those probably cause the prefs.get('actions', []) error.23:44

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