IRC logs of #tryton for Tuesday, 2013-02-19 #tryton log beginning Tue Feb 19 00:00:02 CET 2013
deadkennyHi guys00:00
deadkennyI have a cuestion00:00
deadkennyI'm trying to register a new module in tryton 2.600:01
deadkennyand the trytond keepssaying me that module is not found00:01
coepsHello, I have a question regarding properties. I had a look at "Product" but do not understand the following: There are more than one property, only one is created on installtime (*method) but after I create a product, each property is set. So what is the difference of having it predefined?17:49
coepsThat leads me to the main question: What are properties for, from my point of view, they behave like a simple field, but thats probably wrong.17:50
udonocoeps: hi, use function fields instead of properties. The latter will be removed from tryton sooner or later.
udonoACTION sees that doesn't answer coeps question...18:05
coepsudono: :) but it points me to the right direction18:05
coepsudono: thanks, I was actually looking for a way to keep a global variable for a module and thought property could help me, because it is used for sequences as well18:07

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