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iamnoobhi.. having a reference to *some module* not found problem .. on my .xml. but the one im tryong to put view_ids *its module is already installed.*02:27
iamnoob hi.. having a reference to *some module* not found problem .. on my .xml. but the one im tryong to put in view_ids = *some view tree sequence* ,its module is already installed. how come it still cant see it?02:28
plantianiamnoob: do you have that module listed in your tryton.cfg as a dependency?02:31
plantianiamnoob: I'm not sure if that is relevant though, can you pastebin the traceback?02:33
iamnoobplantian: yes i did try putting it on the depends: part inside the tryton.cfg,02:33
iamnoobplantian: ok going to pastebin it.. im trying to create a one2many field.. and i cant get pass this error02:34
trytonnoobplatian: here is the trace back
iamnoobplantian: got dc, here is the link
plantianiamnoob: Which module contains that xml?02:43
iamnoobplantian: im going to pastebin the files.. please wait..02:46
iamnoobplantian: here the .py file : , for the .xml file     btw im using 2.602:49
plantianiamnoob: something seems to be wrong with your .py paste02:50
iamnoobplantian: yeah sorry. i accidentally put it to unlisted,, it ok now here the link :
plantianiamnoob: What is your tryton.cfg?02:52
plantianAnd your inv module's xml ?02:53
iamnoobplantian: ok going to pastebin it too..02:53
plantianiamnoob: another thing i thought of is that your xml file in the inv module might not be in the tryton.cfg file for that module02:55
iamnoobplantian: here is the tryton.cfg :, adn the inventory.xml
iamnoobplantian: ow. soo i need to put the Inventory.xml to my tryton.cfg *the one that having a problem* for it to see?02:59
plantianiamnoob: no i meant in the inventory module's tryton.cfg file you need to include the xml02:59
plantianiamnoob: in case that is why the other module cannot find it02:59
plantianiamnoob: Why is it "Inventory" in your tryton.cfg instead of "inv"?02:59
iamnoobplantian: umm the name of the file is soo i listed it as Inventory too in the tryton.cfg. did i make something not good?03:01
plantianiamnoob: What is the directory with the file in it?03:03
iamnoobplantian: is in a folder Named 'Inventory' the other one is on a different folder named 'Unit_Procurement_Request'03:05
plantianiamnoob: Are your modules in the modules directory or are you using a file?03:06
plantianiamnoob: I think you might want to try to change your xml in Unit_Procurement_Request to be: view_ids="Inventory.OPinventory_view_tree_sequence"/>03:06
iamnoobplantian: i put my custom modules inside the modules directory of the trytond folder..03:07
iamnoobplantian: ok will try that now.. brb thanks03:07
plantianiamnoob: You will have to continue to include Inventory in the tryton.cfg file of Unit_Procurement_Request.03:08
iamnoobplantian: ok will do that. feed you back on the result. thanks03:10
iamnoobplantian: it works! the changes on the view_ids="" fixed it. thanks!!03:16
plantianiamnoob: Okay, you might want to try to use a naming scheme that is more consistent with the tryton naming scheme to make debugging easier.  In tryton it uses the prefix on model names, ie. "inv", as the directory.03:17
plantianWhich is the same as the module name.03:18
iamnoobplantian: i see. thanks.. will keep that in mind. big thanks again03:20
iamnoobhi again, in the Many2Many field what is the Origin parameter mean?05:27
plantianiamnoob: I think it is one of the two fields on the model that joins the 2 other models.06:34
plantianiamnoob: So the origin is "party" which is here: on the table that joins parties and categories.06:38
iamnoobplantian: thanks! for the explanation06:52
iamnoobdoes anyone know what _table mean? saw this on a class in party module07:49
plantianiamnoob: it allows you to set the table name, that one is in the docs --
plantianiamnoob: the docs have gotten a lot better with the search functionality of sphinx07:58
iamnoobplantian: thanks again! i got lost in the docs,08:02
iamnoobhi, i wanted to create a shopping cart module for a small store, i have created a many2many module so they can select different items on it.. but problem is.. they can only select it. they cannot put how many quatity they want.. how can i be able to achieve this please?08:42
iamnoob*re-typed* hi, i wanted to create a shopping cart module for a small store, i have created a many2many field so they can select different items on it.. but problem is.. they can only select it. they cannot put how many quatity they want.. how can i be able to achieve this please?08:43
jonanHello all. Is it possible to create accounts in currencies other than currency set in company record ? I have multiple asset accounts holding 3 different currencies. Seems I can only use company currency and do transactions based currency conversions.11:20
cedkjonan: you can define a second currency on an account but at the end every accounting move must be done in the company currency11:21
cedkjonan: by the way, do you mean you do depreciation computation base on an other currency?11:23
jonanWell depending on the supplier/customer currnency I would use a different account avoiding any headache with exchange rate computation for most transactions. Then I would just do a move between different currency bank accounts and only need to compute exchanges in those cases.11:33
cedkjonan: I find it strange because the value of your asset is defined at the exchange rate on purchase date11:35
cedkjonan: the depreciation should be based on this amount11:36
cedkjonan: because otherwise you could deprecate more or less11:36
cedkjonan: wait, you don't speak about depreciation11:37
jonanI am not an accountant so guess I need to look into this. Do you mean conversion gains and losses ?11:37
cedkjonan: if you are talking about the receivable/payable account when in different currency11:38
cedkjonan: I don't think it is needed to have different accounts because in any case, when you write the move into the system, you must use the current exchange rate11:39
cedkjonan: so you will almost always differences when you will try to reconcile the moves11:39
cedkjonan: so you will have to put the differences into an exchange rate diff account11:40
jonanyes I can make and receive payment in 3 currencies. Exchanges are not needed in most cases. I realize re-evaluation to single currency constantly changes.11:43
cedkjonan: you must always convert to a single currency once you do accounting11:45
jonanHmm so no way to hold multiple currencies seperately then since every transaction requires conversion back to a single base currency. Thats what I have been doing but not as convenient as my bank account which hold balances and shows transactions seperately for each currency held. Thanks for the info.12:05
cedkjonan: statement can be filed with the currency of the bank account12:06
jonando you mean with account_statement module ?12:08
cedkjonan: yes12:08
jonanoh havent used that module yet. Well need to look at th[C[C[C[C[C[Cis. Thanks.12:09
cedkmeanmicio: did you see my previous message about putting Thymbra training on Tryton calendar?13:03
meanmiciocedk : Nope... but I think it's a great idea, thanks !13:15
HamraHello everyone. how can i suppress all output to stdout from trytond? it clogs the screen :S13:45
Hamrathis is on linux13:46
cedkmeanmicio: do you think Sebastian could manage it?13:53
cedkHamra: >/dev/null14:01
cedkHamra: but I also find that we should be silent by default and have -v on trytond as on tryton client14:02
Hamrai had that, my problem was the '&' i put before the redirection, to disconnect the process from the shell. moved it to the end, and the redirection now works14:20
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