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plantiancedk: purge all the entries in
cedkplantian: no, otherwise it will create duplicate00:34
plantiancedk: I guess I don't understand.  What should I do then?00:35
cedkplantian: I'm speaking about the values column00:35
plantiancedk: I should write a script to read each one and change the id values in place and write them back?00:35
cedkplantian: I'm speaking about the values column00:36
plantiancedk: Yes, read each entry in to get the values column, update the ids inside that column and then write the column back.00:38
plantiancedk: This is what I had so far for fixing the foreign keys:
cedkplantian: I think you can just set it to null00:42
plantiancedk: okay i think maybe the issue is that i fix the ids of the tables and then it skips updating the model data for the table because I wrote to the table, is that possible?00:43
cedkplantian: possible00:43
plantiancedk: I tried to set the write_date to the create_date, is it checking the write date?00:44
cedkplantian: no00:44
cedkplantian: I think the last solution would be to delete every ir.action* entries and their coresponding entries in, then run an update00:48
plantiancedk: How can I tell which entries in correspond to entries in ir.action.*?00:50
plantianIs there something more straight forward than deciphering the different patterns of values column and try to find a backlink?00:52
cedkplantian: there is the column model00:56
cedkplantian: I guess you do all of that on a test database?00:56
plantiancedk: yes, I have many databases and tryton environments00:57
plantianand scripts to rebuild development environment so i can change included modules00:58
plantianit takes a long time00:58
plantiancedk: I will try those two things each separately, setting column to null and running update and also try removing the model data entires for the actions, thanks.01:02
sharoonthomasis there any example of a migration from float8 to numeric within the tryton source code ?13:58
cedksharoonthomas: I don't think14:01
sharoonthomascedk: any tips ?14:01
cedksharoonthomas: I guess you can CAST it14:11
sharoonthomascedk: looks like the best thing to do14:11
cedksharoonthomas: but I guess you can not do it in plcae14:11
sharoonthomascedk: is there a plan to have test_buttons ?14:11
sharoonthomascedk: yes, a new column will be required14:11
cedksharoonthomas: what are you talking about?14:26
sharoonthomascedk: just as we have test_views and test_depends do you think we can have a test buttons, which checks that the button is added to _buttons and hence rpc14:30
sharoonthomascedk: may be it could be a part of test_views itself, just as it checks for fields14:30
cedksharoonthomas: I don't know, you could want to manage buttons differently14:31
cedksharoonthomas: need to check the code if it is possible14:32
sharoonthomascedk: something like this ?
cedkplantian: next time, it is better to update the existing review than creating a new one14:33
cedksharoonthomas: I don't remember if you can have button in view without having it registered in _buttons14:34
jcavcedk: I'm almost sure you can. I'va had numerous 'Calling method <func_name> is not allowed on object..."14:48
cedkjcav: so it is the opposite, you can not14:50
jcavcedk: Well, you can have a button in the view (the view will validate), but the button will not work when clicked14:51
cedkjcav: so it is pointless14:53
jcavcedk: Indeed. So it should be checked by test_views / sharoonthomas' test_buttons14:54
shalabhaggarwalcedk:  sharoonthomas: +1 for test_buttons14:58
cedkjcav: but I think if you set the method in __rpc__ it works15:04
jcavcedk: Probably. But the point of testing button is to detect that the method has not been set in __rpc__ when testing, and not having to "discover" it when trying to click it15:05
plantianWhen I call save() on an object in proteus does that commit a transaction?23:44

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