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plantianIf I want to close a fiscal year but there are open moves, does that mean there is an outstanding sale?00:07
plantianOkay maybe a more specific question, if I have a canceled sale with an open invoice, what should I do with the invoice?00:14
iamnoobhi, what exactly do i need to put in the 2nd parameter of field.one2many? im getting a keyerror05:43
plantianiamnoob: The name of the field on the other model, ie. the name of the "parent" field on the child model.05:54
plantianiamnoob:  -- the param here is "inventory" because the field on the InventoryLine  model is "inventory":
plantianiamnoob: I'm not sure how that would produce a keyerror though.05:59
iamnoobplantian: sorry for the late reply, just took my lunch while thinking of it.. thanks.. give you a feedback again06:25
plantianiamnoob: np06:54
iamnoobplantian: its working now.. although its not what im hoping for...07:09
iamnoobplantian: when i 'create a new record' on that one2many field. it wants me to enter values to the fields... what im hoping for is ,, that i would be able to select records that i previously saved on that model..07:10
iamnoobplantian: is there any alternative way to do this?07:11
plantianiamnoob: that sounds like a many 2 one or many 2 many07:15
iamnoobplantian: the problem i had with many2many is i can selected records.. but i cant input a Quantity value to it..07:17
iamnoobplantian: ie.. i would select a 'soda drink' then i need to put how much quantity of 'soda drink' i would like.07:19
iamnoobplantian: i mean how many of 'soda drink'07:19
plantianiamnoob: what if you added a quantity to the model that connects the many 2 many models?07:21
iamnoobplantian: hmm do you mean the model at the middle of the two model being connected? trying to understand what you mean here...07:24
plantianiamnoob: sorry maybe you are right, it might not be possible with many 2 many07:31
iamnoobplantian: the closest i could think of is one2many.. since it allows me to enter a value on the 'quantity' field, but it wants me to enter value's on all of the fields..07:34
plantianiamnoob: right, i think one2many makes sense but if you don't want a pre-created drink you have to create another drink to select07:39
plantianso if you have models: drink.order, drink.order.line and drink.drink then drink.order.line is a model with fields: quantity, order and drink07:41
iamnoobplantian: hmmm, i wanted to select the 'pre-created drink value' since it already have the value for the 'price of the drink' and i only wanted to enter how many of it..07:42
iamnoobplantian: hmmm make's sense to me.. i may need to revised my model design for it..07:43
Gicehi all09:35
GiceI've got a question about tryton/gnuhealth, and I'm hoping anyone can help me with it. I'm doing my master thesis on Data Leakage/Data misuse and we want to use GNUhealth (which is uses tryton) to test our system. To do this we need to log activity (so basically all actions users perform).09:37
GiceIs there some functionality built in tryton or do we have to add these ourselves? If there is no such functionality, does anyone have suggestions on how to approach this?09:37
GiceAnd also, would this be done inside tryton (configuring/adding a module) or inside the end-application (GNUhealth in this case)09:38
cedkGice: there is not, but I think you can just log request in trytond/protocol/dispatcher.py09:40
Gicethanks cedk, I'll look into it :)09:41
iamnoobhi, is there a way to set the change the value of the same field in an on_change? keep having and error 'literal for int() with base 10: '09:44
iamnoob hi, is there a way to change the value of the same field in an on_change? keep having and error 'literal for int() with base 10: '09:44
iamnoobsince im doing a Many2One connected to another Many2One09:45
cedkiamnoob: there is but for many2one you must return a int09:46
iamnoobcedk: is this the record index?09:48
cedkiamnoob: yes the record id09:49
iamnoobcedk: ummm can you please tell me how to get the record id? i got this on an on change event 'res['NSN'] = self.StockNumber.StockNumber.StockNumber'     and its giving me the literal for int() since its not the record id.09:53
cedkiamnoob: what is StockNumber ?09:54
cedkiamnoob: but I guess you must use: self.StockNumber.StockNumber.StockNumber.id09:54
iamnoobcedk: umm its a field.many2one and another field.many2one then the last one is a char09:55
cedkiamnoob: so you can not put a char for a many2one10:05
cedkiamnoob: so I guess it must be: self.StockNumber.StockNumber.id10:06
iamnoobcedk: ok thanks cedk10:11
iamnoobhi.. can anyone please help with with this traceback error.. im not on the level to understand this :(
iamnoobthis is my .py file           i know there's something wrong with my many2many field.. but i dont know what is it10:52
iamnoobthe error happens when im trying to save the data.10:52
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plantianI tried to update my sub actions, ir.action.*, so that their ids match the ir.action ids but I think they are linked in other tables without fks.  What is the ir_model_data table for?  For example it has rows with a values like this: {u'act_window': 347, u'view': 255, u'sequence': 10}  Is act_window the database id in ir_action_act_window ?19:53
cedkplantian: it track records created by XML20:06
plantiancedk: So if I rewrite the ir_action_act_window ids, so that = then I have to rewrite these values too right?20:08
cedkplantian: yes it is better20:10
cedkplantian: or if you have only XML actions, you can delete all of them, they should be re-created on database update20:29
plantiancedk: How can I delete them?20:32
plantianOr rather what is them?  the entries in ir_model_data or the entries in ir_action_* ?20:35
egiraldogood aftenoon21:34
egiraldoexcuse me21:34
egiraldoone question21:34
egiraldowhere can i download the comobian account module?21:35
egiraldosomebody knows?21:35
plantianegiraldo: Colombian?  Can you just use account_es, the spanish account module?
plantianegiraldo: I don't know much about it, if that is no help then ask on tryton-es mailing list:!forum/tryton-es22:01
plantiancedk: Do you know if it is possible to circumvent convert skipping over ir_action_act_window_view rows that I updated?: ie. "Field act_window of 11@ir.action.act_window.view not updated (id: act_action_form_view2), because it has changed since the last update"22:05
plantianI am getting this error
egiraldothanks plantian22:17
cedkplantian: I think if we clean values field of the corresponding record in ir.model.data22:47

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