IRC logs of #tryton for Monday, 2013-04-15 #tryton log beginning Mon Apr 15 00:00:10 CEST 2013
iamnoobhi good day. im in need of help please.. how can i make the search record of a many2many field to.. lets say.. pre-filter the record that can be selected? i.e name = sample?04:28
iamnoobthe part when i click on the '+' sign so i can select a record.. in the window that wil pop up.. i need to filter the record.. is there a official module i can check up that have the same feature?04:29
Pilouiamnoob: with a domain
iamnoobPilou: thx , will check it out05:15
coepsHi, I am working on a report. Is it possible to define a "local" variable in the report? if yes, how? I want to use a custom index-variable in a loop.13:39
nicoecoeps: it's works just like in genshi
Piloucedk: you could close issues 3120 & 3134, i won't add anything to them.19:22
cedkPilou: ok19:26
PilouI do not mean that I agree with your comments ;)19:30

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