IRC logs of #tryton for Tuesday, 2013-04-16 #tryton log beginning Tue Apr 16 00:00:02 CEST 2013
rpitHi, how to mark a common string for translation?10:15
cedkrpit: you don't have10:18
rpitHow do you do translation of strings? I have some of them in a function field10:23
cedkrpit: see the howto on the wiki10:26
rpitcedk: That is what I did first. There ist just the "_" mentioned, but it is not definied anywhere in tryton10:29
cedkrpit: I don't understand what you want. Tryton automaticaly translate all the strings10:30
rpitcedk: A string or unicode used in source code is not imported to the tryton-translation system10:36
cedkrpit: only the one exposed to the client10:38
cedkrpit: field label, error message etc.10:38
rpitcedk: Then there's no way to do the job except using some trick. I need for instance to produce translation for "quotation, order" etc. to put in eMail subject.10:40
cedkrpit: you can look how it is done in calendar_scheduling10:41
rpitcedk: yes, thank you! That's the trick defining it as error message10:45
cedkrpit: I would like to change this semantic and indeed define message directly in translation table instead of in the models10:52
rpitcedk: why not ddefining a gettext or _ in tryton to mark strings for translation?10:57
rpitcedk: it's eaysier for context finding, if it is defined in the source code instead of only in translation table10:59
cedkrpit: gettext doesn't cover all our needs11:24
cedkrpit: I don't want to have 2 translations mechanisms11:24
cedkplantian: I will be intersted to see your wizard running on trunk14:59
cedkudono: for the de mailing list, could you copy the template of the others?16:24
cedkudono: also who are the admin and moderator on it?16:24
cedkudono: also did you register it to gmane?16:27
udonocedk: hi, about I am not sure what to do. Is your idea done in ir/module/module or in account module?18:50
cedkudono: it should be done in ir/18:52
udonocedk: ok.18:53
udonocedk: does not work this way . But maybe it is just implemented wrong, and the empty view needs to be called after each item?19:40
udonocedk: no, it seems not work either.20:00

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