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giedriuscedk: what is the rules in order to accept such patch as review807002?09:10
giedriuscedk: i mean, do i need to translate all modules in order to be accepted?09:12
cedkgiedrius: at least trytond09:20
cedkgiedrius: and the client09:20
giedriuscedk: i've just updated tryton client to 100% translation coverage (except config stuff for clearity). I have also a big part (everything except error messages) of trytond translations. Is it possible to contribute not full translation? As I understand today is the last day for translation proposing, so not much time to have full coverage here.. What is possible?11:09
cedkgiedrius: indeed the merge window is opened until tomorrow11:10
giedriuscedk: on what time you plan to close it?11:10
cedkgiedrius: tomorrow midnight11:10
giedriuscedk: great, so i have two days :-)11:10
cedkgiedrius: indeed I just keep the weekend for me to review and clean translations from dead team11:11
giedriuscedk: i understand. Do you only accept 100% coverage of translations?11:11
cedkgiedrius: I guess you want to become the leader of for lt ?11:11
giedriuscedk: i could be, as none else is translating it :)11:12
cedkgiedrius: indeed some translations are not 100% because the translator disapeared so it is not a strict rule otherwise we will need to remove the partial11:12
cedkgiedrius: but it is highly preferred to push only complete translations11:13
cedkgiedrius: could you update the wiki to reflect your position:
giedriuscedk: i understand, but my main concern for now is to get the patch included and making easier to translate the tryton..11:14
giedriuscedk: and i fully agree with you that translations must be commited once and in full coverage (or at least for most common strings)11:15
cedkgiedrius: you mean the one on review ?11:15
giedriuscedk: yes11:15
cedkgiedrius: we can push it now11:17
cedkgiedrius: by the way, you don't have grouping in lt ?11:18
giedriuscedk: thanks, i'll try to get the most coverage of ir and res translations by tomorrow. We can talk tomorrow evening, i'll tell the progress and you can say if the coverage is acceptable11:18
giedriuscedk: nope, seems that only 2 companies are working with tryton for now11:19
cedkgiedrius: grouping is for formatting number11:20
giedriusah :-)11:20
giedriuscedk: i guess, you mean Plural form?11:21
cedkgiedrius: no it is for number: 10000.5 -> 10,000.511:22
giedriuscedk: normally we don't group numbers. We write like this 100000,5611:22
giedriuscedk: just checked legal document for number writing. Numbers can be separated by space between thousands. But it is not mandatory.11:26
cedkgiedrius: what gives locale ?11:27
giedriuscedk: locale.format('%f',1256465.65, monetary=True) -> 1256465,65000011:32
giedriuscedk: locale.format('%f',1256465.65, grouping=True) -> 1.256.465,65000011:32
giedriuscedk: but the last is wrong11:32
cedkgiedrius: and you are with the lt locale ?11:32
giedriuscedk: yep, i did locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, 'lt_LT')11:33
cedkgiedrius: so it seems that for lt_LT there is grouping and thousand separator11:35
cedkgiedrius: you can have the values from: locale.localeconv()11:35
giedriuscedk: it shows 'thousands_sep': '.' and 'grouping': [3, 3, 0]11:36
giedriuscedk: but thousands_sep is wrong according language rules. One sec, will try to call to National Language comission11:38
giedriuscedk: damn, they have shitty rules, questions by phone can be asked only till 12:30 :-) But they promissed to answer if I ask by email by todays's evening.11:43
giedriuscedk: so lets leave this for tomorrow11:43
laurent_pvzhi there11:51
giedriuscedk: you said, that i need to add myself to ProjectOrganization wiki page. But I cannot edit this page, or at least i cannot find button/link for editing..13:36
cedkgiedrius: I have to add your google account14:19
giedriuscedk: my google account is giedrius@inovera.lt17:20
cedkgiedrius: done17:22
giedriuscedk: cool, thanks17:25

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