IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2013-04-17 #tryton log beginning Wed Apr 17 00:00:03 CEST 2013
udonocedk: having a minute?11:23
cedkudono: yes11:25
udonocedk: In is no company set in context.11:25
udonocedk: talking about  issue302211:25
cedkudono: and it solves it?11:26
udonocedk: no, it seems the company is not added to the context after creation. The strange is, it is not included, even when I set it explicite after line with Transaction().set_context(
udonoIn the company is always set to None11:30
cedkudono: I doubt that it is in a wizard11:33
udonocedk: so line is wrong, too?11:34
udonoforget last sentence...11:35
udonocedk: I have no idea so far what to do or where to look. It seems the context is not the same or not shared between each configuration wizard item.11:38
cedkudono: me neither11:51
udonocedk: This looks wrong
udonocedk: values is set but never used anymore.12:10
cedkudono: don'T understand12:12
udonocedk: values['company'] is set
udonobut result is returned in
cedkudono: yes and so?12:17
udonoACTION testing12:17
cedkudono: proposed a patch without testing12:56
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cedkudono: I added infra on
cedkudono: could you fill it for the new mailing list17:27
udonocedk: hi, is the correct version number "4" for all community.txt.* ? see
cedkudono: LGTM was wrong but can not remove it17:56
udonocedk: Yes, understand. But is the versionnumber 4 for all documents?17:57
udonocedk: I do not find a good documentation how version tag works.
cedkudono: version is used to help translation17:58
udonocedk: :-) yes. But which version I use in community.txt.*? Do I use the same Version as in community.txt, which is 4?18:01
cedkudono: just the version that match the translation18:03
udonocedk: just give me another LGTM if it is correct now,
cedkudono: but still the group doesn't look like the others18:11
udonocedk: do not understand18:14
cedkudono: the groups doesn't look like the other groups18:15
udonocedk: Where is a guideline/blueprint how groups have to look like on tryton?18:16
cedkudono: there is none, you can write it if you want18:17
udonocedk: Not sure, if it is good to reglement too much.18:21
udonoI have neither knowledge nor experience with google groups. I am not the right person to write reglementations for this... In the past, german users used a different technology.18:25
cedkudono: I can configure it if you want like I did for all other groups18:31
udonoyes, why not, but I am afk for now, see you18:39

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