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mrechteMy chart of accounts does not show debit / credit for view accounts (whereas balance is OK). Is that normal ?10:31
cedkmrechte: there is no move in views10:53
pietervdrHi all, are there any plans to include CRM functionalities to your knowlegde?10:54
cedkpietervdr: what do you call CRM?11:04
pietervdrcedk: administration of appointments, phone calls, emails, reminders, agenda, leads, progress, etc.11:08
cedkpietervdr: almost all that is there11:08
mrechtecedk: sorry, I meant for accounts which have children: the balance is shown OK, but credit = debit = 011:09
cedkmrechte: yes view has no moves11:09
pietervdrcedk: Oo? I think it is time to have a cloaser look at Tryton. The website ins not mentioning it in so many words.11:13
pietervdrcedk: Worked with OpenERP, but was a complete disaster. Thought Tryton much better, but not finished yet.11:14
mrechtecedk: I would expect to get sum(debit) and sum(credit) of children, as for the balance.11:14
mrechtecedk: and why are there 2 field functions in the code (one for the balance and one for the debit/credit) ?11:18
cedkmrechte: because they don't do the same11:27
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sisalphello, do you know if it is possible to use a wiki application on a hg directory ?16:09
sisalpideally with a wiki generating .rst flat files ?16:10
cedksisalp: I know:
cedksisalp: but it is markdown16:15
sisalpI don't know if it make sens, but I wish to get non technical people writing some how-to on tryton, but wish the result to be "tryton blood compatible"16:17
nicoesisalp: there is and
sisalpnicoe:seems hatta will make me happy, thank you17:11
plantianWhat is the purpose of setting inherit to None?  <field name="inherit" eval="None"/>19:26
plantianI'm trying to add a field to the product variant form and it doesn't seem to be working.19:26
udonoplantian: Hi, I do't know either, it seems to be the way for removing xml-inherits
plantianudono: I see okay, so I guess that isn't my problem.  My attempt to extend the product variant form just doesn't seem to show up.19:48
plantianI have something like this, is
plantianif anyone has any ideas, i'm trying to upgrade from the old product/template model in 2.6 to 2.819:51
udonoplantian: yes, the new form view seems to look different:
udonoplantian: ups, no, my fault. Your inherits seems to fit.19:55
cjbarnes18evening all o/21:10

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