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MartinGuzmanhello! I'm new using tryton... Someone could help me? what i want to do is really simple...20:00
oscarHi, guys to exit any way of open new form from for example sale lines (click), not in float window but new tab form?20:04
sisalpMartinGuzman: please ask20:39
sisalposcar: not sure your sentence makes sens, else you already explained the context to someone here20:40
MartinGuzmansisalp, can you help me installing a new module? i just want an example... i already install trytond from source... i already install some modules, but i want to install the company_work_time module..20:52
MartinGuzmani download the source and paste in the modules directory...20:53
sisalpso far so good20:53
MartinGuzmanbut it doesnt appear in the module list on the client20:53
sisalpisn't there a list update fonction somewhere ?20:54
sisalpand what if you restart the server ?20:54
MartinGuzmani tried stopping the server, but the same..20:55
sisalpdepending on your version I also remember a bug which implied to update at least any module to see the new one20:55
MartinGuzmani'm using tryton 2.620:55
MartinGuzman(all the source are from 2.6)20:56
sisalpis your module correct ?20:56
MartinGuzmanlet me check..20:56
sisalpwhere does it come from ? is it a core module ?20:57
sisalpI think it is, got it from Pypi ?20:58
MartinGuzmanthis one was the one I already download...21:00
MartinGuzmani would prefer not to use Pypi.. :S21:01
MartinGuzmani tried to execute: python install inside the company_work_time directory... was that correct?21:02
sisalpso you downloaded manually each part pf your tryton server ?21:02
sisalpyou are a hard worker, I'll recommand you :-)21:03
sisalpanyway the module is certainly good,21:04
sisalpis module company installed ? the module depends on it21:06
MartinGuzmanyes! I checked the depends before trying to install.. :S21:07
sisalpwhy did it work with previous modules ?21:08
katrMartinGuzman: Have you tried updating one module with something like /usr/bin/trytond --config=/etc/trytond.conf -d db_name -u party21:09
MartinGuzmansisalp, the previous modules appear already when I fist start my server, so I installed them..21:10
sisalpjust to check, you untared it ?21:10
MartinGuzmansisalp, yes21:10
MartinGuzmankatr, no... i'm going to try...21:11
sisalpDid you try what katr: update any module ?21:11
sisalpkatr: I thought this was fixed now21:12
MartinGuzman./trytond --update=all --database=gnuhealth21:12
sisalpsounds ok21:12
sisalpkatr: proposed the update of party only, but "all" would do the job21:13
katrsisalp, MartinGuzman: Not sure if it's already fixed for 2.6.21:14
katrMartinGuzman: But as sisalp already said "./trytond --update=all --database=gnuhealth" should work as well.21:15
MartinGuzmanok! thank you! i already execute it, but it will take a while..21:17
sisalplet us know when completed21:17
sisalpMartinGuzman: il you update "all", it is longer21:18
MartinGuzmanlast time it took over 20 minutes..21:19
MartinGuzmansome modules from gnu health are pretty big..21:20
katrMartinGuzman: Yes modules with big XML files take forever to update. I think there is a IDC catalog etc. in GNU health.21:22
MartinGuzmansisalp, katr: thank you! that work for me.. :-)! I didnt know that when add new modules, you need update a module to refresh list.. :S22:06
MartinGuzmankatr, sisalp: :-)! thank you very much... If i have any further question, I'm going to ask on this channel again..22:11
katrMartinGuzman: You're welcome.22:11

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