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oscarHi, where is stored in database values of selection field?04:40
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laurent_pvzhi there16:12
laurent_pvzi successfully managed to install tryton on my vps16:12
laurent_pvzbut i can't manage to make ssl work16:13
laurent_pvzI followed this
laurent_pvzon the server console i get SSLError: [Errno 1] _ssl.c:504:16:14
cedklaurent_pvz: did you check the known_hosts file of tryton?16:15
laurent_pvzno I didn't16:16
cedklaurent_pvz: if you connected first without ssl, the client remember it in the ~/.config/tryton/x.y/known_hosts16:17
cedklaurent_pvz: then it will no more try to use ssl for this server16:17
laurent_pvzok , I understand16:17
laurent_pvzI will clean it16:17
laurent_pvzcedk: thank you, it worked like a charm16:21
laurent_pvzThis is not tryton-related, but we're doing this
laurent_pvz(speakers wanted)16:23
laurent_pvzça parle à qqn les fichier de compta  *.isa ?18:12
sisalpinternational standard for ausiting ?18:19
laurent_pvzsorry wrong channel18:23
cedksisalp: I don't think there will be a Tryton conf at the RMLL20:12
cedksisalp: they don't allow the "promotion of software" even free20:12
meanmiciocedk : If we're  talking about the same RMLL ( ) we'll be giving a talk about GNU Health , so Tryton will be there20:54
cedkmeanmicio: yes, I submitted a talk and they refused it because it is about Tryton21:01
cedkmeanmicio: they want me to make a talk about B2CK21:02
cedkmeanmicio: I don't understand their rules21:02
cedkmeanmicio: even less if you can make a talk about GNU Health21:02
meanmiciocedk: It's odd21:10
cedkmeanmicio: more over, I received today a letter asking for B2CK contribution to RMLL21:18
cedkbut being refused to make a talk about Tryton, doesn't encourage me to make a donation21:19
cedkespecially for talks that will promote other companies21:19
meanmiciocedk: It's very strange . What was the reason you could not talk about Tryton ?21:25
cedkmeanmicio: the answer was: "editorial policy: forbid to present a product/software"21:31
cedkmeanmicio: so I don't understand why you can make a talk about GNU Health21:33
meanmiciocedk : It's on the eHealth forum.21:36
meanmiciocedk : And the topic "Interoperability in a Hospital Environment with Free Software"21:38
meanmiciocedk : And the topic "GNU Health:Interoperability in a Hospital Environment with Free Software"21:38
cedkmeanmicio: very strange22:03

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