IRC logs of #tryton for Sunday, 2013-05-05 #tryton log beginning Sun May 5 00:00:01 CEST 2013
acuhello, is there a way to access tryton trough web browser ?03:37
plantianacu: I don't think it is ready yet but it is started.06:27
plantianacu: I think it is called sao.06:29
plantianacu: There are some posts on tryton-dev (google group) about it.06:30
plantianI don't think it is production ready yet, but maybe ask in a few hours when more people that know more about it are on.06:30
acu2hello guys, is there a web client to tryton ?19:09
acu2Pilou: thanks for the link - I wonder whether Trytonists looked at OpenERP 7 and learned something from it, specially that it is open source and the code is available.21:02
acu2Also, I was wondering if Tryton has Project Management Module21:02
acu2Pilou: thanks again21:48
acu2I want very much to use Tryton ERP instead of OpenERP, and few minimal conditions are there...21:48
acu2of course in time we want to contribute too21:49
acu2I have noticed that graphics are quite dated or nonexistent (including buttons etc), that would be easy entrance21:49
acu2but I have yet to make tryton work, I am looking at nereid too, It seem that it integrates ecommerce for tryton21:50
acu2I have noticed in the demo tryton that everything is VAT oriented (europe), wonder if the accounting, currency and tax can be set for US too21:52
Pilouacu2: maybe you need an 'account_us' module (see account_be, account_de & account_fr:
Pilouthere is an unofficial account_es module here
acu2Pilou: I want United States (US) not ES (I guesss that is Spain)22:09

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