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mrechteHello. What's the use of account_statement module ?09:02
cedkmrechte: encode statement09:06
cedkmrechte: like bank statement09:07
mrechtecedk: thanks. OK I see, the purpose is to eventually post transactions from an external statement, isn't it ?09:12
cedkmrechte: yes09:15
cedkmrechte: it could also be used to encode statement of cash register09:16
mrechtecedk: clear.09:19
mrechtecedk: a small introduction of a module use, in <module>/doc, should be part of the coding guidelines...09:22
marco__im trying testing different erp to install in a production environment, and i have checked also tryton10:56
marco__but i have not been able to find a working point of sale for it10:56
marco__does a working point of sale actually exists?10:56
marco__i have read about gsoc, but the project is discontinued10:57
cedkmarco__: I don't think it reaches releasable state10:57
cedkmarco__: but you could use any standalone POS10:58
marco__can you??10:58
marco__what steps do you have to do in order to connecto to the Database??10:58
marco__i was thinking in openbravo pos10:58
marco__but i didt know it can connect to a tryton server10:59
marco__any pos recommendation, actually im looking at open erp as for production, but i dont like the web interface and the gui in general11:00
marco__is there some kinf of  guide to perform this connection , ???11:00
cedkmarco__: it is not out of the box, but for example I know Openbravo POS can export sales in CSV11:01
cedkmarco__: so it should be quite easy to write a import script11:01
marco__mm ok, so to write a script in postgresql,11:04
marco__is the project hosted in, functional or active??11:04
marco__and another question, if i can theorically write the import script, can this function with various point of sales??11:06
cedkmarco__: I would write it in Python but as you want11:06
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marco__ok, thank you, i just would like to know the status of the tryton pos project, but actually im not a programmer and have had a hard time just setting up the server11:07
cedkmarco__: try to contact the author directly11:08
marco__so as for now it is not possible for me to do such a thing, however is is nice to know that it can be done11:08
marco__so maybe i can figure it out a way11:08
marco__thank you very much, i will contact him11:09
rpitHi, is it possible to have different header/footer in odt-template/style depending on pagenumber?12:40
cedkrpit: no12:43
mrechteIn the client, do we have a visual feedback that a "tree_open" keyword is attached to the view ?14:17
cedkmrechte: nope14:40
mrechtecedk: OK. Planned for next release ?14:41
cedkmrechte: planned what?14:42
joachi, I'm trying to create a model based on party, but, y dont want to override the original party model, Is this posible on tryton?17:47
joacs/y dont/I dont/17:48

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