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Gicehi, I'm getting "Bad username or password" out of nowhere when logging in. The hash in the database still resolves to the same password and the username hasn't changed either. Does anyone have any idea what causes this and/or how to fix it?10:50
Giceit worked for about two weeks until today10:50
cedkGice: how do you test the hash?10:59
jeancavalloGice: Caps Lock ? (just asking)11:06
Giceno caps lock jeancavallo :)11:06
Gicecedk, its admin/admin and there is no salt (according to the database, the hash reveals (via google search e.g.) that its admin, and a hashing (sha1) of 'admin' results in the same thing as what's in the db11:07
Gicedefault username/password I entered and have been using for these two weeks11:07
GiceI have more users, none of the users/passwords seem to work11:08
GiceI can't check the hashes because of salt11:08
Gicebtw this is a test-setup, I expect nobody to have access except for me (and maybe 2 other researchers)11:10
Giceand I expect nobody to change the usernames or passwords ;)11:10
cedkGice: Are you sure you connect to the right server?11:11
jeancavalloGice: Which version of trytond are you on ?11:11
Gicecedk, yes, its a local server (localhost) and I can access the database via database manager etc11:12
Gicejeancavallo, 2.4; because that was working before11:12
cedkGice: did you run the server in verbose mode?11:13
Giceno, how do I do that?11:13
jeancavalloGice: trytond -v11:23
Gicejeancavallo, thanks. It doesn't display anything on a 'failed' login attempt11:23
Gicebut it does say 'connect to "<databasename>"'11:24
jeancavalloGice: You could try (temporarily as it is very verbose) the "-l DEBUG" option on the client11:28
jeancavalloGice: -l like "L"11:28
Gicejeancavallo, so sudo tryton -l DEBUG?11:28
jeancavalloGice: Not sure that sudo should be necessary11:29
Gicejeancavallo, could that be a problem?11:29
Gicejeancavallo, hmm, -l DEBUG gives no output in contrast to -v (on the client side)11:29
jeancavalloGice: Except if you just happened to change something that needed it, I do not think so. cedk should be able to tell though11:30
cedkjeancavallo, Gice: don't think the client log will tell us anything11:31
jeancavallocedk: That was just in case...11:31
cedkGice: the only option I see is to debug trytond/ir/session.py11:32
cedkGice: the method check to see why it returns False11:32
Gicecedk, okay. I'll try11:32
sisalphello, is there a budget module ?12:34
sisalphi, nobody knows about budgets. Nothing available ?15:03
cedksisalp: not to my knowledge15:04
sisalpcedk: thank you15:05
ibeardsleeis there an alternate email group to the google one?23:46

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