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plantianibeardslee: i don't think so, just tryton and tryton-dev, why?00:06
ibeardslee"If someone continue to top-post, I will take my moderator right and put his email address under moderation and only correct email will be accepted."00:13
ibeardslee^^ I see a comment like that and I'm not inspired to take part in discussion00:13
ibeardsleethat's more about someone on a power trip, than actively being part of a community group00:15
cedkibeardslee: netiquette is about respect00:30
ibeardsleeabsolutely, and guidelines not rules that get people on power trips00:40
cedkibeardslee: such enforcement will not end so get use to it00:41
ibeardsleeheh .. oh well an exclusive community rather than an inclusive one00:42
cedkibeardslee: we don't accept people that doesn't follow simple rules that helps the communication with others00:43
cedkibeardslee: just like we don't accept bad code00:44
ibeardsleewell bad code I can understand not accepting00:45
cedkibeardslee: code or email, it is the same: it is a way to express ideas00:45
ibeardsleenot exactly the same, but yes for expressing ideas00:47
cedkibeardslee: so there are rules for one as for the other00:48
ibeardsleeI think the discussion is over rules vs guidelines00:48
ibeardsleeanyway .. I'll just sit back and follow Tryton for now.  If OpenERP pisses me/us off enough that we need to revisit .. how the community behaves is one of the things we consider with open source projects.00:49
WUDHow do i convert my dot report to png ?08:35
WUDhow Do i convert my dot report to png?08:46
cedkWUD: from which format?08:47
cedkWUD: not possible08:48
WUDI set it up in the Reports Configuration, extension as png08:48
WUDand when I try. this is the stack trace08:48
WUDAlloy.Globals.customerIsGuest = 0;08:48
WUDTraceback (most recent call last):08:49
WUD  File "/trytond/protocols/", line 124, in _marshaled_dispatch08:49
WUD    response['result'] = dispatch_method(method, params)08:49
WUD  File "/trytond/protocols/", line 157, in _dispatch08:49
WUD    res = dispatch(*args)08:49
WUD  File "/trytond/protocols/", line 154, in dispatch08:49
WUD    result = rpc.result(meth(*args, **kwargs))08:49
WUD  File "/trytond/report/", line 131, in execute08:49
WUD    type, data = cls.parse(action_report, records, data, {})08:49
WUD  File "/trytond/modules/pos/", line 344, in parse08:49
WUD    report, objects, data, localcontext08:49
WUD  File "/trytond/report/", line 287, in parse08:49
WUD    data = cls.unoconv(data, report.template_extension, output_format)08:49
WUD  File "/trytond/report/", line 304, in unoconv08:49
WUD    proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)08:49
WUD  File "/", line 679, in __init__08:49
WUD    errread, errwrite)08:49
WUD  File "/", line 1228, in _execute_child08:49
WUD    raise child_exception08:49
WUDOSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory08:49
WUDcan I convert it to a transitory format. like PDF and from there get the PNG08:50
cedkWUD: please don't copy/paste on channel08:50
cedkWUD: oops yes png is allowed looked at the wrong file08:51
cedkWUD: I guess you don't have installed unoconv08:51
WUD@cedk no, I don't08:51
WUDcedk: pip install unoconv?08:51
cedkWUD: why not09:01
WUDcedk: i don't think there's a pip package, if i install unoconv, start the listener, is it just going to work?09:02
cedkWUD: trytond will start it09:03
WUDcedk: does odt to pdf also need unoconv?09:07
cedkWUD: yes09:07
WUDI'm on a mac and I supposedly need to have libreoffice installed also09:07
cedkWUD: yes09:07
WUDcedk: how do I tell trytond my unoconv location10:02
cedkWUD: it search in the PATH10:07
guillemBarbaabout this comment
guillemBarbaI've never implemented a Mixin class. I know a little bit about it10:42
cedkguillemBarba: it is standard class but we the goal to add a specific behavior10:43
guillemBarbawhat you propose is implement a ProductMixin class with static methods _quantity_calculation_context?10:43
cedkguillemBarba: in some way10:44
guillemBarbayea, similar than an "interface" but with implemented methods10:44
cedkguillemBarba: I will not call it ProductMixin but more StockMixin10:44
cedkguillemBarba: probably not static but classmethod10:44
cedkguillemBarba: the idea is to be able to reuse it in other places10:45
guillemBarbaDo I move _search_quantity_by_grouping and _get_quantity_by_grouping to this Mixin class?10:46
cedkguillemBarba: also for example, I don't like too much the current search implementation, so once we have a better one there will be only one place to change10:46
guillemBarbaI think it has more sense than only the very auxiliar function _quantityty_calculation_context10:46
guillemBarbaI move all "protected" methods to the Mixin class without change anything else10:48
guillemBarbaor I move also the fields quantity and forecast_quantity definition?10:50
cedkguillemBarba: I don't think you must move the field10:57
cedkguillemBarba: someone could one to have different quantity on the same Model11:03
guillemBarbaI'm looking AttendeeMixin. with two auxiliar functions to implement in Mixin subclass: grouping() and _get_product_ids(cls, stockables) both fields could be defined in Mixin class11:03
guillemBarbaless intrusive, only auxiliar (protected) methods11:03
pokolicedk: ping11:16
cedkpokoli: pong11:16
pokolicedk: the spanish team has some small inprovements on the translation on, how we can contribute it?11:17
cedkpokoli: like any other contribution11:19
pokolicedk: ok, we start a codereview11:19 , wow, haha12:20
sisalpdigitalsatori: I prefer the positive contribution of openerp2tryton.com12:50
-!- sisalp( has left #tryton17:43
Wiz_KeeDhey guys!22:21
cedkWiz_KeeD: hey22:22
Wiz_KeeDhow's everyone? :)22:23

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