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sisalphi, trying today nereid install with version 2.6. Cannot find it on github and pypi. any pointer someone ?10:02
sharoonthomassisalp: :
sharoonthomassisalp: 2.4, 2.6 and 2.8 latest stable releases10:04
sisalpsharoonthomas: ok, ./pip install Nereid== and got in a virtualenv. It reinstalled also trytond and some modules. sounds correct10:26
sharoonthomassisalp: yes it does10:26
sharoonthomassisalp: you could install any of the nereid modules like a tryton module and the dependencies would be automatically installed for you10:26
sisalpsharoonthomas: ok, I set my environment in the preinstalled trytond directory which is 2.6 but pip adds trytond-nereid==
sisalpsharoonthomas: pip tells me trytond==2.8.2 while trytond d answers 2.6.710:36
sharoonthomassisalp: what was the package and version you gave in your pip install '?'10:37
sisalpsharoonthomas: pip install Nereid==
sharoonthomassisalp: pip install 'nereid>=2.6,<2.7' will download and install the latest stable version of nereid in 2.6 series10:42
sisalpsharoonthomas: reason why I 'm back on 2.6 is that I didn't find nereid modules for 2.8 (catalog, cart,payment..)10:43
sharoonthomassisalp: and if you are using the latest version of pip (1.4+) you will need to pass --pre since pytz is non PEP 386 compliant10:44
sisalpsharoonthomas:  I get trytond-nereid== :-)10:48
sisalppytz is install at system level as several generic dependencies, is it a problem ?10:49
sharoonthomassisalp: should not be a problem then10:51
sisalpsharoonthomas: cannot find where it put trytond-nereid, not in trytond/modules10:55
sisalp./lib/python2.7/site-packages/trytond_nereid- seems it considered tryton is installed while I run it from source.10:59
sisalpsharoonthomas: so I think I have to make a nereid install from source too11:02
sharoonthomassisalp: run it from source meaning ?11:03
sisalpno pip install on trytond11:03
sisalpwget, untar, start11:03
sisalpsharoonthomas: to ake some progress I copied nereid module to trytond active module directory. No idea what the implications will be11:10
sharoonthomassisalp: i just installed a new virtualenv with nereid and i don't see any problems11:10
sharoonthomassisalp: if you want to install from source, the best option is to download and run 'python install' in the folder11:11
sisalpsharoonthomas: but it will again consider trytond is in ./lib/python2.7/site-packages/11:12
sharoonthomassisalp: where is your trytond ? (this installation is no different from other tryton modules)11:12
sisalptrytond is in ./trytond11:13
sisalpI don't use pip to install trytond and its modules11:14
jvblascohi everyone11:14
sharoonthomassisalp: ok, so you are not using python packaging ? in that case your only option is to place the folder in the modules directory11:14
sharoonthomassisalp: never tried it myself11:14
sisalpsharoonthomas: I use hg and hg-nested11:15
jvblascoi tried it and didn't succed in making the module appear in the client after the trytond -d database -u all command11:15
jvblascoi mean placing the module in the modules directory11:16
sisalpjvblasco: correct I can't see it :-(11:19
jvblascosisalp: how did u install tryton?11:23
sisalpsharoonthomas: I think I'll have to support pypi install which may be  a big change in my scripts.11:23
sisalpjvblasco: basically hg, targz, wget, untar, run11:25
sisalpjvblasco: the system is designed to install tens of servers/day11:25
sisalpjvblasco: for each new server, only wget, untar, run11:26
sisalpjvblasco: now I wish to preinstall nereid too, and I fail11:27
sharoonthomassisalp: if you don't use python packaging how do you manage dependencies ?11:30
sisalpjvblasco: pypi servers where not enough reliable in the past and often down11:30
jvblascosharoonthomas: i did that in openERP manually11:30
jvblascoi guess it would be the same here if u don't use a packaging system11:31
sharoonthomasjvblasco: thats because openerp has no such capabilities11:31
jvblascosharoonthomas: u mean handling dependencies?11:31
sharoonthomasjvblasco: yes11:31
sisalpsharoonthomas: jvblasco:  yes openerp cannot do pip install11:31
sharoonthomasjvblasco: in the case of nereid, it has several external dependencies too. so manually installing all of them and maintaining the versions would be painful11:32
jvblascosharoonthomas: hehehe i know openERP didn't have such things, and i guess that's why i'm here right now11:32
sisalpsharoonthomas: my script takes care of dependencies and analyses the file11:32
sharoonthomassisalp: jvblasco; for example, nereid < uses flask < 0.10 and the newer version uses flask 0.1011:33
jvblascosisalp: btw i cannot help u any further, that kind of system is too much complex for my knowledge, anyway if u need any help with networking go for it11:33
sharoonthomassisalp: jvblasco: how will you manage such things if you don't use python package management tools ?11:33
jvblascosharoonthomas: u mean dependencies?11:34
sharoonthomasjvblasco: yes, python dependencies (not just tryton modules)11:34
jvblascosharoonthomas: i'm learning to package in python using other modules as a guide11:34
jvblascosharoonthomas: im more or less new in programming and this kind of stuff11:35
jvblascosharoonthomas: i used to play with programming and systems as a hoby11:35
sharoonthomasjvblasco: also i think its not good practice to use code from repository for production installs. for me repository is for developers and releases are for production11:35
jvblascosharoonthomas: u mean apt repos?11:36
sisalpsharoonthomas: you are right, it is complex, but so far I couldn't avoid it11:36
sharoonthomassisalp: i think pypi (with mirrors) is pretty reliable and service like make it even better11:37
jvblascosharoonthomas: btw i still don't have tryton in a production server, im just trying to migrate what we have in openERP while learning tryton11:38
sharoonthomasjvblasco: ok11:38
jvblascosharoonthomas: i will need a tryton production server soon, though11:38
sisalpsharoonthomas: I agree again, but I still have to do my homework and be able to reinstall any version several years later11:38
jvblascosharoonthomas: anyway right now i'm trying to implement a carrier price matrix module to suit our project needs11:39
sisalpsharoonthomas: today I manage this from revisions on hg repositories11:39
sisalpsharoonthomas: which means I don't take advantage from tryton high quality11:40
jvblascosharoonthomas: with views in porting our realtime geolocalilation module as soon as posible to tryton. Right now we don't need it so it'll take a while11:41
sisalpjvblasco: carrier price matrix module : do you use the existing module for this ?11:42
cedksisalp: we see that you are using hg:
cedksisalp: 3th position :-)11:43
sisalpcedk: but first in volume, 527 MB after 5 days, hope it doesn't impact your server11:46
sisalpAll versions of Tryton are download every night to which creates ready to use archives11:47
cedksisalp: hopefully, ovh has dropped the volum limitation11:47
jvblascosisalp: nope didn't know it existed11:48
cedksisalp: plato is the test server, it just does "hg update" every hours11:48
jvblascosisalp: where may i find it?11:48
cedksisalp: perhaps you could do the same?11:48
sisalpcedk: sharoon convinced me that I should go pip instead11:49
cedkjvblasco: I guess sisalp is talking about carrier* modules11:49
sisalpcedk: jvblasco: yes11:49
cedksisalp: yes it is better because if everyone was doing like you, we will have issues11:50
cedksisalp: pypi has CDN which allow them to "web-scale"11:50
cedksisalp: normally hg is for devs11:50
jvblascocedk, sisalp: and where may do i have a modules list, official and community or however u call it here?11:51
sisalpcedk: I got bad methods because this hosting script was initially for openerp11:51
Pilousisalp: you could use the git mirror hosted on github11:51
sisalpjvblasco: ask pypi ;-)11:52
sisalpPilou: yes, was thinking to add git in the list of possible sources11:53
cedkjvblasco: or on Pypi those released by the author: Tryton (if nobody makes fakes)11:54
jvblascono carrier price matrix module in those places11:54
jvblascoi'll try to do my best to implement something usable11:54
jvblascoand hoping to learn a lot in the process11:54
jvblascoi need to model a scalable 4 dimension matrix for prices11:55
cedkjvblasco: the carrier module is designed to be extended to implement any kind of pricing11:55
jvblascoand with scalable i mean adding more dimensions11:55
cedkjvblasco: 4 dims pricing, that's very difficult to manage11:56
sisalpPilou: the decision to install trytond by pypi has some impact of my upgrade/downgrade scripts11:56
cedkjvblasco: with 2D it is already complex for users11:56
jvblascocedk: yeah, i was not thinking about creating a new carrier module11:56
jvblascocedk: just implementing the matrix.11:57
jvblascoanyway, we don't really have users in our tryton11:57
jvblascoi'm just using it as a development framework11:57
jvblascotried with openERP with no success11:57
jvblascoif u know a little spanish and are curious i'm implementing, right now, and i have another project (the one i started in openERP) in www.urbansherpas.es11:59
visheshcedk: You are talking about post-transaction hooks here. What are your views now?
cedkvishesh: I don't see where12:35
sisalphi, install trytond with pip, I'm missing some files I found convenient in hg repository : trytond.conf,, LICENCE, README doc ... are they dropped by package builder ?12:37
visheshcedk: Oh sorry wrong link.!topic/tryton-dev/CNwa5KNG6aY12:37
cedksisalp: they are in the archive but not installed because there is no places for it12:40
cedkvishesh: I think it is still interresting even if we will try to minimize such usage12:41
sisalpcedk: thank you, I will adapt12:45
sisalpcedk: is there a one pip package dependent on all modules, or should I provide manually a list of modules to install ?12:46
cedksisalp: there is not12:47
sisalpcedk: missing the nclone :-)12:49
visheshcedk: We don't necessarily do a commit in transaction. Many times we just need to query. It just feels little weird to have hooks at TransactionManager.12:51
cedkvishesh: and what?12:56
cedkvishesh: if we don't commit, the transaction succeed so any external calls registered shoud be triggered13:00
sharoonthomassisalp: instead of clone, why not install the outermost modules in the graph ? like `pip install trytond_sale` which would install the module and all its dependencies13:00
sharoonthomascedk: vishesh: have you thought about using blinker ?
sisalpsharoonthomas: this is what I'm implementing now. Checking the best way to list all "regular" modules13:02
sharoonthomascedk: vishesh: you could probably have two named signals ( which could be emitted when the transaction commits or rollback at the transaction manager13:03
cedksharoonthomas: don't see the point13:04
visheshcedk: Post-good-commit !=  post-good-transaction I guess. Most use-cases would like have post-commit functionality13:04
sisalpsharoonthomas: and need to consider any previous version >=2.6,<2.713:04
sharoonthomascedk: i feel that the signals would fulfill the need of what you are calling commit hooks13:05
visheshbut for that we can just add calls after commit. If it fails, we are int except block anyway13:05
visheshsharoonthomas: I didn't look much into that. But yeah we can use signalling to inform an object to dispatch new set of messages...seems clean to me13:06
cedksharoonthomas: I don't think because it is linked to the transaction sucees or not13:08
sharoonthomascedk: the transaction success is managed at the dispatcher level ?13:09
cedkvishesh: for me it is the same, it is up to the devs to add or not a post-commit hook on a readonly transaction13:09
cedksharoonthomas: yes13:09
cedksharoonthomas: and no as it is the Transaction that close the transaction13:10
sharoonthomascedk: but the cursor object is a generic abstraction of all database types, so why not have it in the commit and rollback methods of Cursor Interface ?13:11
cedksharoonthomas: because it is the wrong layer13:12
cedksharoonthomas: cursor is for database13:13
sharoonthomascedk: so this would then not be a post commit hook, but a "tryton transaction" hook ?13:13
visheshsharoonthomas: Yeah. POst successful transaction13:14
cedksharoonthomas: yes13:16
cedksharoonthomas: but by design, we never do commit somewhere else than at the end of the transaction13:16
sharoonthomasvishesh: wondering how useful that would be since, the primary benefit i can think of from such hooks is async operations, integration with full text search engines etc and its clearly dependent on cursor commits rather than transaction stop ?13:17
visheshYeah. Most use-cases I can think of need post-good commit hooks.13:18
visheshsharoonthomas: But again, whatever we add after commit() wont run if it fails as we'll end up in exception block (commit will throw exception in case of  I'm assuming for all db wrapper)13:19
visheshsharoonthomas: So we perhaps don't need any such stuff. We can just do some async_call, after commit.13:20
sharoonthomasvishesh: if you are talking about an error being raised when commit() is called, the interpreter would exit right there and the signal would not be sent since that would be the next line ?13:20
sharoonthomasvishesh: essentially, blinker signals would allow you to do exactly that but without monkey patching anything13:21
sharoonthomasvishesh: just subscribing to these signals would be enough13:21
cedkThere is only one commit in Tryton !!!!13:22
cedkanyone doing any other commit breaks Tryton13:22
sisalpI modified the standard way I install Tryton, now usinf pypi only. thankx to sharoonthomas:18:36
sisalpsharoonthomas: now I 'm looking more preceisely at nereid. What is available for 2.8 and waht for 2.618:37
sisalpsharoonthomas: pypi has limited packages for 2.8 compared to 2.6. Which is best ?18:37
Orca-Krilozonatrytond 2.6 , installed on Fedora 1918:39
Orca-Krilozonawhere do i find conf file ?18:39
cedkOrca-Krilozona: in the tgz18:40
Orca-Krilozonathx for the reply cedk, but i installed it by yum18:40
Orca-Krilozonayum install tryton* -y18:41
cedkOrca-Krilozona: the developer of the package should have copy it in /etc18:41
Orca-Krilozonayet, I can't find a thing named tryton in /etc :(18:42
sisalpOrca-Krilozona: I put a copy here
sisalpOrca-Krilozona: because I need it for other purpose18:43
cedkOrca-Krilozona: you should request the developer to install it18:43
cedkOrca-Krilozona: otherwise you can fetch it from trytond tgz18:43
cedkOrca-Krilozona: or the sisalp link18:44
Orca-Krilozonaacknowledged. I'm taking a look.18:44
Orca-Krilozonathanks sisalp :)18:44
Orca-KrilozonaSo, i gotta put it in /etc , right ?18:46
Orca-Krilozonaor any specific place ?18:46
sisalpput it where you want and use --config=  on start command18:47
Orca-Krilozonalol i can't even figure out where those bin files went into as I did install it by yum :D18:48
sisalpif you run a single Tryton instance I guess /etc is ok18:48
cedkOrca-Krilozona: I see that the init script provided by fedora look at /etc/trytond.conf18:49
sisalpOrca-Krilozona: yes I had to sort everything this morning. I implement virtualenv and I'm proud to say I use pip inside ;-) (since two hours)18:49
Orca-Krilozonai see... saw pip method on site, but, i'm now just testing native yum method :D18:50
Orca-Krilozonawell, please hold on, i'm gonna reboot that.18:50
Orca-Krilozonaafter reboot , i found the config file.18:58
Orca-Krilozonathanks for the helps cedk and sisalp18:58
Orca-Krilozonacedk, another question. Is there any config to enable webUI ? like in openERP19:21
cedkOrca-Krilozona: web client is under development19:45
Orca-Krilozonai see... thx ^_^19:46
Orca-Krilozonanow trytond is up and running,19:47
Orca-Krilozonaand i installed mysqld19:47
cedkOrca-Krilozona: mysql is a bad choice, prefer postgresql19:48
Orca-Krilozonai see...19:50
Orca-Krilozonathanks for the tips cedk, i'm now installing postgresql. :)19:51
plantianHi, to perform a search for products within all categories that are below a category, is the syntax[('category', 'child_of',]) ?23:38
plantianI'm trying to access a tryton 1.8 database.23:39

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