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cedkplantian: you have to add the parent field name at the end00:34
plantiancedk: thanks, I think I got it with[('category', 'child_of', [], "childs")])04:58
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zhulikashey fellas08:08
zhulikasI am wondering how hard would it be to write a client library for tryton08:08
zhulikasa library which lets interacting with tryton data over xml-rpc in java or c#08:09
zhulikaswith some abstraction level in library end08:09
zhulikasI'm kinda interested in custom application development on tryton but don't want to rely on standartized client08:21
zhulikasand only implement the parts of the application I want in a way I want08:21
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priyankaranicedk: while creating invoice for sale order facing issue related to properties saying "('UserError', ('Sale "%(sale)s" misses an "account revenue" default property.', ''))". what could be the reason?09:37
cedkpriyankarani: I think the message is quite obvious09:37
cedkpriyankarani: you don't have a default account revenue09:38
priyankaranicedk: where it should be set?09:40
cedkpriyankarani: it was asked on chart of account creation09:55
cedkpriyankarani: for now, we don't have an easy access09:55
cedkpriyankarani: just: Aministration>Models>Default Propertis09:56
priyankaranicedk: I'm facing this issue while running tests and account chart properties are set as This issue occurs while creating invoice for sale order that has sale line without product.10:10
sisalpsharoonthomas: pip install trytond_nereid_catalog breaks a Trytond 2.8 server by reinstalling previous versions of modules11:36
sharoonthomassisalp: since you have not specified the version to install, it installs the latest version on PYPI which is
sisalpsharoonthomas: do you think it is approppriate ?11:39
sisalpsharoonthomas: the installation uninstalls parts of Trytond 28 and reinstallsparts of Trytond 26 which has no chance to succeed11:40
sisalpsharoonthomas: and Trytond is no longer operationnal of course11:41
sisalpsharoonthomas: the expected behavior would be that only trytond_nereid_catalog is not operational11:42
sharoonthomassisalp: i don't know, but internally i've never seen people use pip to install without specifying versions and this is unfortunately how python packaging works.11:43
sharoonthomassisalp: we will be migrating all catalog modules to 2.8 soon BTW11:48
sisalpsharoonthomas: good11:48
prusglajotemisHello. Is it possible to set all the translated language values from one translatable field to another ?12:53
prusglajotemisand also how can i get the value of prefered language on runtime from translatable field ?12:58
cedkprusglajotemis: don't understand the first question12:59
cedkprusglajotemis: for second, it is from the language context13:00
prusglajotemisWhen i set the value for example : from product.description to new_product.description and i want that new_product.description would get all the translated values (from product.description)13:34
cedkprusglajotemis: if you use copy, it does13:35
prusglajotemisyes i know (not very good example) but if I set from different models13:38
priyankaranicedk: How to programatically set properties in tests for ?13:39
cedkprusglajotemis: look at the copy code13:41
cedkpriyankarani: like any other Model13:42
prusglajotemisthanks a lot13:47
sisalphi, looking for a script called, anyone met it recently ?14:16
cedksisalp: better to ask on #gnuhealth14:23
cedksisalp: #gnu-health14:23
sisalpcedk: didn't know this room, thank you14:26
priyankaranicedk: i think what i am facing is a bug in tryton (since v 2.8)14:50
priyankaranicedk: I just tried creating a new order in the demo server and the sale has line without product14:50
priyankaranicedk: when i try to process the order it will show the UserError Sale misses an account revenue property14:51
priyankaranicedk: you can check the order on (2.8), the reference is 7414:51
cedkpriyankarani: I don't see any bug, it is just that there is no default account defined14:59
cedkpriyankarani: I just defined one and it works15:00
priyankaranicedk: let me update my test cases to do the same and i will update here if it works15:01
cedkpriyankarani: a good improvement will be to add them in account configuration like for expense and revunue15:18
priyankaranicedk: I cant see any field like revenue or expense in account configuration15:44
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