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AdashevMDHello everybody10:15
AdashevMDIs anybody here?10:36
udonoAdashevMD: of course! I count 31 persons :-)10:42
AdashevMDCan somebody help me please?11:17
cedkAdashevMD: don't ask to ask11:19
AdashevMDI trying to run tryton on ubuntu?11:20
AdashevMDAnd i get error message11:20
AdashevMD[Errno98] Adress already in use11:23
AdashevMDWhat can i do?11:23
corroAdashevMD: you have another service running this port (probably 8000 if you didn't change it), try 'netstat -nlpt' to find out what process it is.11:24
cedkAdashevMD: stop the other service running on the same port or change the port in configuration file11:24
AdashevMDThank you. I'm new in Linux11:27
AdashevMDTo be honest, Tryton is my main reason to install Linux:-)11:28
sisalphi, floxcing a problem in tryton-nereid 2.8 pip install : IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'trytond_nereid/README.rst'11:48
sisalpfloxcing == facing11:48
sisalpanyone succeeded ?11:49
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