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zodmanabort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found06:30
zodmanon nclone06:31
zodmansomeone know about it ?06:31
zodman:o error in version :)06:41
sisalphello, does someone have experience in Apache+Nereid+virtualenv ?13:37
cedksisalp: what's your problem?13:45
cedksisalp: apache is not the easier http server13:46
cedksisalp: at B2CK, we run flask application (similar to nereid) using lighttpd and wsgi13:46
sisalpcedk: I may use lighttpd and wsgi, I like it but it is not documented in flask doc14:08
sisalpcedk: the question is about exec permissions14:09
sisalpI have several virtualenv, each run by a specific user to isolate them14:09
sisalpI understand www-data (in case of apache/debian) needs to get exec rights on the virtualenv14:10
cedksisalp: I use the mod_fastcgi to redirect to the application started with spawn-fcgi14:10
cedksisalp: like that each application is running under his own user14:11
sisalpcedk: that is my point14:12
sisalpcedk: I will go this way14:12
sisalpcedk: by the way, I guess that I can run several apps on the same tryton on the same database can't I ?14:13
sisalpcedk: or on different databases14:14
sisalpcedk: provided I use corresponding urls ?14:16
cedksisalp: yes normally14:52
sisalpcedk: thank you, I have some homework ahead now :-)14:53
jvblascohi everyone18:03
jvblascoi'm experiencing some problems when trying to restore a database from the client18:04
jvblascoit rises an error saying that it couldn't restore de database, but when u try to connect to it it was restored succesfully18:05
cedkjvblasco: are you sure you don't have already a DB with the same name?18:09
jvblascoin fact i wanted to try something18:12
jvblascoi did a database backup18:12
jvblascotried things18:12
jvblascoand after that i deleted it and tried to restore18:12
jvblascoand it didn't only happen to me18:12
jvblascoi have a coworker that tried the same process and we always get the same result18:13
jvblascothe databases are restored though18:13
jvblascobut u always get the error message18:13
jvblascojust asking primarly to know if it's a known bug or open a new one18:14
jvblascowhen i have some spare time18:14
cedkjvblasco: search on the bug tracker18:14
cedkjvblasco: yes18:18
jvblascoi will open one as soon as i have some spare time18:19
jvblascosee u around guys18:25
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