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giedriushow do you run sao? if i correctly understand, trytond and sao must be run on the same host and port?13:12
cedkgiedrius: indeed it is trytond that serves sao files13:13
giedriusif so, it means i need to run static http server + reverse proxy?13:13
cedkgiedrius: put sao into the json_data path13:14
cedkgiedrius: yes it should be a possibility13:14
cedkgiedrius: I think it is possible to make cross-site request, but I guess the code need to be addapted13:15
giedriuscedk: cool, but at first it is hard to understand how to test sao, as there is no info related to this13:15
giedriuscedk: jQuery (or browser) does not allow to make cross-site request13:16
giedriusi spend few hours this morning by reading the code in order to understand how to sao :)13:17
giedriusso it is not easy for ones who want to test13:17
ronaldmgiedrius: hi13:56
ronaldmgiedrius: I followed instructions here:
cedksmarro: how is the news going?18:54
smarrocedk: it is almost ready... tomorrow i will send review19:03
cedksmarro: ok19:08
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