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kotekHow if I'd pay for a bit of support?09:20
kotekcedk, entity.isLiving()?09:40
cedkkotek: what?09:44
kotekI want just to beg of an answer for, probably, easy to solve problem...09:45
kotekSpecifically... How to switch to dd/mm/yyyy ? :<09:45
kotekI've found some clues in client source...09:45
kotekBut have no idea how to change it...09:46
cedkkotek: date format is configured on the language09:46
kotekit's a bit strange since I can't find anywhere field, which specifies date format...09:47
kotekField in client... Or it can't be changed there?09:51
kotekIn admin/loc/lang I have only name, code, direction, translatable and active...09:54
cedkkotek: switch to form view09:54
kotekThat was totally easy.09:54
kotekI even don't believe that I've not found it earlier.09:55
kotekStupid me...09:55
kotekBIG THANKS, cedk09:56
kotekYou are my hero.09:56
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