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tessierPilou: Thanks for the links comparing OpenERP and Tryton! Hadn't yet encountered those.01:54
tessierjoin #openiscsi02:21
yangoon1cedk wrt to
yangoon1who assigned this CVE?12:09
yangoon1I can't find it in the database12:10
XaRzHello all. I'm testing tryton3 for the first time, and I can't see the webclient. What must i configure to access to webclient?12:13
nicoeXaRz: the webclient is still in the sandbox:
yangoonPilou: thx12:18
XaRznicoe: and this mean? That is beta, not usable or what? Sorry I'm new to this world :(12:18
yangoonPilou: I think it shouldn't have been assigned12:19
PilouXaRz: webclient is in developpement, no version has been released.12:20
yangoonPilou: at least from Debian side I got the information, that they don't assign CVEs on (semi) public issues12:20
yangoonand this one is far too late12:21
XaRzPilou: Ah thanks. I've seen the presentation in the TUB2013 conferences and I've assumed that it has been released :)12:23
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sisalphello  is there a trytond_sale_supply module for v3.0 ?16:29
sisalpfound, sorry for noise16:30
sisalptrying to connect to a new V3.0 server : no_ssl is ok, with ssl fails. What is to be checked first ?16:58
sisalp my install is debian7 and python-openssl is already the newest version.17:05
sisalpiirc, there is a file which prevents moving from ssl/no_ssl on the client, cannot remember where17:05
yangoonsisalp:  ~/.config/tryton/3.0/known_hosts17:05
sisalpyangoon: thank you , try to rm it17:07
sisalpyangoon: you fixed it for me ! thank you17:10
yangoonsisalp: welcome17:10
sisalpby the way when we have a proble on ssh, we get a clear message  like "remove line 234 in .../known_hosts", would be nice if we could get same sort on tryton client17:13
brenocedk: here's hoping you guys are able to tape the Unconference sessions ;)19:14
brenocedk: would you be interested in getting a free SSL certificate for ? Got credits in my Softlayer account that I could use to send one your way.21:58
cedkbreno: why not22:53
cedkbreno: I personnaly would not want to spend money on such thing but if you can provide one22:53
cedkbreno: indeed we would need one: * because there are also the demo and in the future the codereview22:53
cedkbreno: by the way, what will be the condition? duration of the cert? etc.22:53
brenocedk: dunno, whatever conditions Softlayer imposes, I think I can get a 2 year one, I'll check on whatever info they require and will try to make sure I can generate it on your name, etc.22:54
brenocedk: what's your email?22:54
cedkbreno: I guess I could send you the public cert to sign22:57
brenocedk: yep, first I'll send you whatever info I need22:58
brenoi mean, an email asking for whatever info I need22:59
cedkbreno: fine23:01
SpartanWarriorhiya, where can I find a reference of the RPC call protocol (I'll prefer the JSON-RPC variant), it is nowhere to be found in the official docs :(23:46

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