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cedkSpartanWarrior: both follow the standard00:31
cedkSpartanWarrior: there are some examples at
cedkSpartanWarrior: but a little bit out dated00:32
SpartanWarriorcedk: thank you, I'm also trying proteus, but there is no further docs on it as well :(00:53
SpartanWarriorcedk: my goal is to create a database (and their correspondent admin user) programmatically00:55
cedkSpartanWarrior: doc of proetus is in the README01:02
cedkSpartanWarrior: or
iamnoobis ther a Transaction().ipaddress ? i need to get the ip address of the user09:31
giedriusiamnoob: there is no such or similar property on Transaction()10:46
iamnoobgiedrius: is there anyway i can get the ip address of the client ? i need it to be put on a certain variable,10:49
kotekHi guys...14:18
kotekIs it possible to print from tryton on fiscal printer?14:21
mariomopkotek: have a look on this:
kotekIsn't there anything more... English?14:33
mariomopI don't know14:35
mariomop for Argentina, but it's an answer to your initial question14:37
kotekIt's almost an answer.14:39
kotekCan I haz a question about account module?14:43
kotekI'll ask anyway... Is it possible to give ref# for every account move line?14:46
pokolikotek: what you understand by ref#????15:22
kotekReference number for document.15:38
kotekNot created by tryton.15:38
kotekEg. invoice from supplier, accounting request, report number from fiscal cash register...15:39
kotekHave my msg been sent?15:40
cedkkotek: we use a reference link on the move15:40
kotekReference link?15:41
cedkkotek: would you suggest that you are creating move that belongs to more than 1 docuement?15:41
cedkkotek: reference is a kind of field that can link to an other record of different kind, a sort of many2one extended15:42
cedkkotek: how can you do that?15:42
kotekFor example... Withdrawal of $50 from cash documented by Cash Out to buy some goodies documented by 2 or more invoices.15:44
cedkkotek: you have at least 2 moves15:45
cedkkotek: once for recording the expense and once for recording the withdraw15:45
cedkkotek: and both are linked by reconciliation15:46
kotekAnd what's about entering document number?15:46
cedkkotek: you have the description field for non-structured info15:49
kotekOk, let's say good enough.15:58
kotekNext thingie... I've created translation for party module using OmegaT...15:58
kotekSaved .po file and putted it into directory with translations...15:58
kotekAnd it doesn't work. :(15:59
cedkkotek: you have to update the module15:59
kotekForgive me my noobness, but how? ;)16:00
kotekOk, made that.16:04
kotekAnd how to share those translations with community? :>16:04
kotekHow to translate reports?16:08
kotekOr how do I print Journal report? (not General Journal but for example, Cash Journal)16:22
brenocedk: sent you mail regarding my SSL cert proposal for Tryton17:01
brenohmm, so why are the tryton and tryton-dev google groups moderated? to avoid spam?17:01
nicoebreno: indeed17:02
brenonicoe: oh, k17:02
kotekWhat's about SSL cert for Tryton?17:04
kotekI'm interested...17:04
cedkbreno: I received, I will try to figure out how to make the request17:06
cedkbreno: I'm far from being a SSL expert17:06
brenokotek: I was offering to purchase SSL certs for all the servers the Tryton foundation might need17:07
kotekCAcert seem to be a good idea. :>17:08
brenocedk: ok!17:08
cedkkotek: is Cacert included by default in browsers ? I doubt17:09
kotek :P17:10
kotekAnyways what for SSL certificates for Tryton F.?17:10
kotekTo keep bugtracker secure? :P17:11
Piloubreno: moderation allows to enforce some rules (
brenokotek: well, I'm able to provide 2 year GeoTrust SSL certs (got free credits in my Softlayer account), after those 2 years maybe Cacert's inclusion status gets better and it can be considered17:11
brenobut right now it definitely is sub-par17:11
kotekI don't believe that CAcert root's will be included in any major browser at all.17:12
kotekBut for some applications CAcert RA/CA is good enough.17:13
cedkkotek: signing cert will not change the security but just give better impression17:13
kotekI'd be upset for a moment, when I'll find a big error in tryton, but I'll be impressed by signed cert for bugtrecker, when I'll be filling bug report. :)17:15
SpartanWarriorhey guise \o/17:20
SpartanWarriori'm the tryton+django guy of the mailing list17:21
SpartanWarriorI've been looking to the code examples at the googlecode home, it was last updated in 2010 by cedk, the methods described there are still valid?17:23
kotekHave you tried them and didn't worked?17:24
SpartanWarriornot exactly, I was about to test them and asked before starting to experiment by myself :)17:25
SpartanWarriorI'm not afraid of science tho!17:25
kotekI guess I've tested it.17:26
cedkSpartanWarrior: it should not have evolved too much17:27
SpartanWarriormy goal is to create a tryton database upon user registration (in django) would that be possible using the tryton module or will I have to do it manually?17:28
cedkSpartanWarrior: you could use proteus for that17:29
cedkSpartanWarrior: if you just want to create a DB17:29
kotekSpartanWarrior, your work is more open-sourced or closed?17:29
PilouSpartanWarrior: you ask about RPC yesterdays, you might find this interesting:
SpartanWarriorwell, my project would be a SaaS ERP, and I want to build it over tryton17:31
SpartanWarrioras I'm quite versed with django, I choose it to deal with the website/backend part17:32
SpartanWarrioranyways I'm looking to alternatives, the fasterst/efficient the better17:32
cedkSpartanWarrior: or you could also just: createdb … && trytond -i all -d …17:32
SpartanWarriordue to it's nature It wont certainly be opensourced in the near future, but I'm in favour of the love sharing :)17:33
kotekYou can always see how guys from OpenERP did thier jobs. :P17:34
kotekAnyways cedk's idea is what I'd.17:35
kotekI'd do*17:35
SpartanWarriorPilou: thanks!17:36
SpartanWarriorwell, it's a good starting point, thanks !17:37
pokoliHi, its possible to know which menu Action is calling a wizard?18:20
pokoliI have a wizard I want to change it's behaviour depending on the menu it's calling it18:20
pokolii thought using context, but i can not see context option in wizards18:20
nicoepokoli: how do you call your wizard? from a menuitem ? If so you can get the menu id as 'active_id' I think18:23
pokolinicoe: yes from a menuitem. I will try it :)18:24
pokolinicoe: thanks, i get the menu_id as active_id :)18:31
nicoepokoli: you're welcome18:49
SpartanWarriori cannot use the system.listMethods method of tryton's rpc interface without specifying a database in the url (via jsonrpclib) :( I just wanted to know what else can I do besides creating a database, any lights in this? console session:
SpartanWarriorp.s., trytond is using the correct config file, worked before with the pygtk client and the url with the database, or do i need to set anything else?20:39
rmuhi. i have a curious case where the client (version 3.0.1, installed with pip) sends 1000.0 as search limit. the server bombs out in assert isinstance(value, (int, long)) because the type of the limit-value is "float"20:50
rmuanybody has an idea how this can happen? only one client out of 3 or so on similar systems does this20:51
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PilouSpartanWarrior: with system.listMethods you must specify the db in url: s = jsonrpclib.Server('')21:18
SpartanWarriorand how would I get otheer methods like the ones in the 'common' namespace? the listMethods when used with a db in the url seems to return method names to deal with  models only :(21:20
Piloucall available without a database are listed here
SpartanWarriorthanks, I'll look at that21:25
Piloufor example21:25
Pilous = jsonrpclib.Server(''); s.common.server.version(None, None);21:26
Piloui mean: s = jsonrpclib.Server(''); s.common.server.version(None, None);21:26
giedriuscedk: have you seen the improvements made on upcoming OpenERP v8 stock management? Maybe i missed something, but never saw discusion about this in tryton community.22:56
giedriuscedk: for me, all these StockMove similarities with AccountMove feels to be based on Belgium accounting22:57
cedkgiedrius: don't know where they are now but what I saw from the Opendays22:58
giedriuscedk: design of StockMove is pretty suitable for continental accounting with fixed or average price, which is very common in Belgium22:59
cedkgiedrius: it is just a stock.period permanently updated to cache now22:59
giedriuscedk: they introduced a Quant23:00
cedkgiedrius: yes Quant == stock.period + stock.lot23:00
giedriuscedk: which is basically representation of physical stock item23:00
cedkgiedrius: for me, their design will be very expensif in resource23:01
giedriuscedk: i didn't dive too deep into it, but from first look it seems shouldn't be a problem there, because they can cheaply represent stock value of each location/product23:04
cedkgiedrius: expect that for each stock.move they have to recompute all the quants involved23:05
cedkgiedrius: so imaging a large shipment to assign23:05
giedriuscedk: if i understand correctly, they just put new quants for new stockmoves, so no need to recalculate23:06
cedkgiedrius: I don't think so because they have to know where the product comes from23:07
cedkgiedrius: but any way, it is a duplication of the information23:08
cedkgiedrius: that's why I say it is like the stock.period23:08
cedkexpect that in Tryton, you decide when to compute the cache and historize the past23:08
giedriuscedk: to take to the point here is few things i think is missing on tryton: for FIFO - there is no history which StockMove consumes others, for anglo saxon accounting - no links between invoices and StockMoves23:09
cedkgiedrius: both are wrongs23:10
cedkgiedrius: fifo: stock.move is the history23:10
giedriuscedk: also StockMove is based on unit_price and not cost_price. For FIFO+angloSaxon unit_price is not even needed23:11
cedkgiedrius: and link exist via the sale/purchase23:11
giedriuscedk: (fifo) teorically yes, it is possible to find history, but it is very expensive23:12
cedkgiedrius: I don't see where you try to go23:13
giedriuscedk: (angloSaxon) currently the link is only on purchase.line, but purchase.line can have 100 moves and 5 invoice lines. So each AccountMove of invoice line will be based on multiple (but not all) StockMoves of purchase.line. If you see how angloSaxon AccountMoveLines are calculated you may understand what i mean23:15
cedkgiedrius: I know I write it23:15
cedkgiedrius: any way, I don't see any problem23:16
giedriuscedk: i'm working on one module, started half year ago. It will allow to updated StockMove cost_prices based on posted invoices (for purchase)23:18
giedriuscedk: and it will updated all the production/sales/returns, i mean all the lifetime of Stock Item23:18
giedriuscedk: and it will be using fifo+angloSaxon accounting. So I can tell you that there is no possibility to have history just from StockMoves (or it would be very very expensive)23:20
cedkgiedrius: I don't see the point23:21
giedriuscedk: sorry, i'm not very expressive in english. I'll think how to make it clearer and will send to mailing list23:23

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