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rmuanother curious thing that bugs me in version 3.0 but that i cant really pin down: the "context" of a session sometimes acquires the field "active_test" with value "False", causing all sorts of strange behaviour.11:57
rmunevermind, issue344213:26
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motaro¬°Hello people!17:40
motaroQuestion: I'm having an issue with a reference fields. Let me illustrate
motaroThe problem that I'm having is that I want two relations of the same objects but with different semantical porpuses, The framework once you select one of the fields it understand that both fields are referencing the same thing. And I want them two reference different instances of the external object.17:45
udonomotaro: so you need two many2one fields...18:57
pokoliudono: you're in barcelona?18:59
motaroudono: the other way around.19:00
udonopokoli: yes19:08
motaroudono: you're going to meeting this month?19:08
udonomotaro: one2many is just an reverse lookup of the according many2one, which is an foreign key in the database.19:09
udonomotaro: so again, you need two many2one fields...19:09
udonomotaro: TUB201319:10
zodmanno body here :)19:16
motaroudono: did you get to see the examble?19:16
udonomotaro: yes19:17
motaroudono: if you put two id fields inside the external class, what ends up happening is that the record will show a Many2One field on the UI, where it will always have a 'ForeingKey' exception. I tried that already.19:19
udonomotaro: I do not understand the aim of the module. But a one2many always shows the data stored in the according many2one. So your example functions 'correct' :-)19:22
motaroI want it to be two One2Many fields that reference the same type of class. Although they are different list of objects. I can't do that.19:23
udonomotaro: so maybe you need two many2many19:36
motaroudono: It's a difficult situation. I tried that already and the problem is the same. I have tried to make different external classes and the problem persists it makes no sense to me.19:38
udonomotaro: I think it is better to explain what exactly you want to do.19:40
motaroudono: The only way to solve it for the moment, I think! is to put another field in the external class that get's selected automatically in the backend and make the view some how choose which to present depending on that field.19:41
udonoIs anyone else in Barcelona tonight?19:41
udonomotaro: I don't know.19:42
motaroI'ts exactly what I said before I need TWO (2) One2Many fields on the same object that reference the same type of class. Although they are different list of objects.19:43
udonomotaro: maybe try two many2many fields with widget="one2many"19:50
motaroudono: Espera parece que hacer clases externas diferentes funciono, al parecer habia hecho el update mal y no se habia manifestado el cambio.19:51
motaroSorry but I think you get the idea.19:52
motaroI hope that the videos from the meeting will be uploaded to see the state of things.19:53
udonomotaro: Unfortunately I do not understand Spanish, I am German.19:54
motaroI heard that are some members that want to move the license proprietary...19:54
udonomotaro: So what do you heard from whom?19:55
motaroI heard from one of the main contribuitors, he's thoughts of having a more commercial license on the platform, do not wish to point names as this was an unofficial comment.19:56
udonomotaro: You are talking about Tryton?19:57
motaroyes Tryton.19:57
smarromotaro: that is impossible20:00
udonomotaro: Tryton is GPL Version 3, I do not see another way to change the license as asking every contributor... good luck.20:00
motaroCorrect every contribuitor will have to agree or at least the majority depending on the foundation rules.20:01
Piloumotaro: troll & fud20:03
smarroPilou: +120:03
udonomotaro: No, the foundation can not change the license, but IANAL20:04
udonosmarro: correct20:04
motaroI do not wish the license to change that's definitively reason I'm saying it.20:05
motaroAlthough if you watch one of the video were Cedric explains about the platform he actually confirms that if everybody agrees the license can change.20:06

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